The VERY Waffle (Seoul, Korea)- $1 Freshly Made Ice-Cream Waffle!Yum…

Near the Korea University campus, there is a very little and special shop that many students like to go to for a quick snack or after dinner dessert. This place is called “The VERY Waffle” (the name sounds as weird to you as it is to me) and they serve freshly made waffles. 

They have a small window for you to order and another window for you to pick up your waffles.

On the right is their pick up window and on the left is something I found very interesting. It might hard to see but apparently one item on their menu is “Waffle which was sold the best yesterday”. Isn’t that weird? And cool? LOL

Their waffles range from 1,000- 2,000 won, which is equivalent to about $1-2 dollars CAD. SO CHEAP.

I ordered the Strawberry and Chocolate Ice-Cream Waffle (1,000 won/ $1 CAD) and the waffle was made after I put in the order.

The waffle was huge and it can definitely satisfy any hungry person’s appetite if you are looking for a quick and delicious snack. The waffle is quite airy and light, dissimilar to the denser liege waffles that I’m used to eating back in Vancouver (ex. the ones from Cafe Medina).

The waffle was so delicious! I’m bound to get a ton more before my exchange is over at KU (Korea University). 

Happy Eating!

<– omg i love chicken and waffles 
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