Kang HoDong Baekjeong (Seoul, Korea)- Samgyeopsal To The Max!

When I ate here, I had no idea who the guy in the front is. Apparently, he is Kang HoDong, a famous retired Korean wrestler that started a samgyeopsal franchise.

I came here with my relatives since they came to Seoul at the exact same time I was there during my exchange! It was such a delightful experience.

They start off by placing hot burning coals in the center and then they poured this type of coffee looking liquid into the side tray. I’ll tell you what that liquid is in a minute. It’s a bit disgusting but tasted so good.

As always, they give you a variety of side dishes to pair with you meal. What I disliked about these side dishes were the greens. Our lettuce were dressed in dressing but I like them without anything so I can use my hands and wrap the meat around it. The dressing caused everything to get so messy and it didn’t taste as clean and fresh as I wanted to.

We ordered a few of these signature Pork Belly, and it was MIGHTY good. This restaurant did all the cooking for us too so it was actually quite nice and relaxing! By the way, now you can see the formation of the yellow thing on the side. Still don’t know what it is?? It’s egg!! It tasted delicious but it looked incredibly gross in the beginning because it was a yellowish brown colour.

We also ordered a few of these Prime Boneless Short Rib as well and it was really tender. Just look at that marbling on the meat. You know it’s good quality beef.

In addition to the egg, we cooked some kimchi and roasted some garlic on the side of the grill.

This is the common way of eating samgyeopsal in Korea. You first take a piece of lettuce, put a chunk of grilled pork belly on it, add your fixins’ (in this case, I just added a slice of roasted garlic), wrap it up, and put it in your mouth! *sigh*… I wanna go back to Seoul!

Happy Eating!

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