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Baby Cafe (Hong Kong)- Opened By HK’s Famous Model, Angelababy

Trixie and I walked around Tsim Sha Tsui on our first day of hanging out together in HK. After a long day of sightseeing and shopping, we were
both tired and began our search for a place to eat for dinner.

Eventually, we wandered into a mall called ‘iSQUARE’ initially to find some wifi and google up some restaurant spots nearby. However, while we
were walking inside, we saw an ad for this restaurant called ‘baby cafe’. We both knew about this cafe
before coming to HK and we even laughed about it because this cafe is ‘created’
and centered around this famous HK model called ‘Angelababy’. We both thought it
was a funny and weird concept but it nevertheless intrigued us.
The interior was modern and all of the pictures of
Angelababy were all mimicking Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Their menu was pretty simple. For $128 HKD (~$16.50), you can choose a soup or salad, an entree from
the list, and you’ll get a free drink.
As we were waiting, we both thought it was pretty impressive
for Angelababy to open her own cafe (3 locations too) as she’s only a year or
two older than us.

The dessert menu (haha @ ‘sweeten baby’ title….so cheesy
:P) looked so attractive so we couldn’t resist and ordered one to share.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t up to our expectations.
We both chose the Seafood
over the Caesar salad and it came with two butter croissants.
We definitely made the right choice as the bisque was creamy
and had large chunks of seafood in it.
As for drinks, I upgraded my ‘free drink of the day’ to a
fruity slush. I feel like this is a slush I can easily make at home, but they
did do a pretty good job with the ice consistency as well as the amount of
sweetness in the drink.
Trixie had the ‘free drink of the day’ which was some type
of tea similar to chamomile.
When I was in Korea, I noticed that black pork (or hog?) was
considered luxurious and is often very pricey when you want to order it at a
BBQ or Samgyupsal place. So when I saw
in Herb with Grilled Kagoshima Black Pork
, I instantly wanted to order it.
A few people around our table also ordered this as well so I thought this would
be a for sure win! How wrong was I. The black pork was extremely tough and chewy
and the bed of greens below it didn’t really add much to the dish. The herb
spaghetti on the other hand was very delicious and… herb-y.
Trixie chose the Angela
Tasting Platter
which consisted of three mini entrees (Seared Salmon Fillet
Tartare, Crispy Honey Chicken Wings, and Squid Ink Orzo).
First, the chicken wings were coated with so much honey that
it instantly stuck to her teeth (and mine since we shared the two entrees). It was
so sticky that it took us both a few minutes to awkwardly get it off our teeth.
Not good. 
I really enjoyed the squid ink orzo but Trixie didn’t care
for it. She instead raved about the deliciousness of the seared salmon tartare.
For dessert, we ordered the Molten Chocolate Cake + Vanilla Ice-Cream ($35 HKD/ ~$4.50 CAD) and
the first thing we said when it arrived was that it looked way smaller than the
one in the menu which was a disappointment.
I was hoping for a nice flowy stream of molten chocolate
flowing from the middle, but instead, we got a few clumps of liquid chocolate.
Oh well. We both knew it was too good to be true that a cafe like this would
have excellent dessert.
All in all, you pretty much only come to Baby Cafe for the
novelty factor and the fact that it is centered around a HK model which I agree
is an interesting concept. The food is alright on average but don’t expect it
to be great.  
Happy Eating!

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