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Australia Dairy Company (Hong Kong)- Only Restaurant in HK Where Food is Delivered To Your Table Within 5 Seconds of Ordering

On the first day in Hong Kong, my HK native friend Polly
decided to bring me and my Netherlands friend, Peter to a traditional ‘Hong
Kong Style’ breakfast.

It’s called Australia Dairy Company (no clue why) and it is located near the Jordan MTR station. Take exit C2
and it is pretty much 20 steps away. This restaurant is apparently super famous
in HK for its amazingly fast but rude service.
When we got there, we realized the line was already down the
block. Expect to wait around 15-30 minutes every time you go because you will
always have to wait in line.
We got seated in this super tiny, cramped, little space
facing the wall. The seating arrangement is so awkward!
Their menu is simple and all of their items are really
The environment inside the restaurant is unlike anything I’ve
ever experienced in Vancouver. People are gulping down their food in a matter
of seconds, the waiters shout at you when you take too long to order (good
thing our friend was Caucasian so they gave us a bit more time), and the food
is at your table within 5 seconds of putting your order.

We each ordered a Tea
Set (27 RMB/~$4 CAD)
which included multiple items. First was macaroni in
soup with shredded ham (staple breakfast item in Hong Kong).
Usually, non-Asians find the concept of macaroni in soup
really weird but my friend Peter really enjoyed it. 🙂
Then you are served two eggs (cooked whichever way you want),
and some toast. I opted for sunny side up eggs which I instantly regretted
after trying my friend’s scrambled eggs….
These scrambled eggs look so plain and normal… but these were
the absolutely amazing. Probably the best scrambled eggs I’ve had to date. They
were soft, moist, and incredibly fluffy. If I knew how to achieve these results
at home, I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life and be content. 😀
It’s a lot of food for less than 4 bucks CAD, no? I love
cheap and good food. Haha.
The set also includes a drink which is served at the end of
your meal. I ordered milk tea and it was done well. Very creamy and fragrant.
Another item this place is known for is their Steamed Egg White Custard. It is made
with a combination of milk, egg whites, and sugar. I’m not entirely sure how
the whole process works when making it but I hear it is really hard to achieve
the perfect consistency. I purposely came back another time just for this and
the scrambled eggs so you know this equates to a high recommendation from me.
All in all, if you are to come to Hong Kong and you can
either speak Chinese or have a local with you, come to this place and experience
a traditional fast paced Hong Kong style breakfast!
Happy Eating!

2 thoughts on “Australia Dairy Company (Hong Kong)- Only Restaurant in HK Where Food is Delivered To Your Table Within 5 Seconds of Ordering

  • AH! I was here too but I still haven't gotten around to writing it. I love this place and you're right about the quick fire service!

  • I loved the Australian Dairy Company! 😀 The macaroni in soup was awesome! I am glad that I went with Cantonese speaking people, because there was absolutely no menu in Dutch or English, haha!


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