Paris Baguette (Seoul, Korea)- Starbucks of Korea, One At Every Corner

In Seoul, you will not be able to find Starbucks at every
corner. Instead, you will find Paris Baguette which is a French inspired
bakery/cafe that serves bread, dessert, bingsu (shaved ice), pastries,
sandwiches, and salads.
Because my friends and I live within such close proximity to
Paris Baguette, we come here quite often to get our bread fix. Peter, a
friend of mine actually goes there every day because he is not
accustomed to eating rice or soup for breakfast. 😛
Their cakes look so darn cute and delicious! I wish I could
try them all but I know I can’t. 🙁
More awesometastic cakes.

I realize that a lot of their breads are baked with either cream
or cheese. I honestly wonder how Koreans stay slim when they inject cream into
Yes, they do sell baguettes at Paris Baguette. 🙂
They have things like Bononcini salad, chicken salad,
avocado shrimp salad, and varies kinds of sandwiches and wraps.
My friends and I ordered two Bingsu’s (around 6,000 won
each/ $6 CAD)
to share. The left one consists of shaved ice, red beans, mochi,
green tea ice-cream, and green tea syrup on top. We know what free spins casino promo codes are and how to activate them. The right one was a weird
mixed fruit bingsu consisting of ice, red beans, sliced bananas, cubed
watermelon, and corn flakes.
The green tea bingsu was undoubtedly the best because of the
awesome combination of green tea, mochi, and red bean. 😀 I encourage every
person visiting Seoul to try bingsu! It’s very comforting on a hot and humid
day, and you can find it anywhere… even KFC!
The corn flake bingsu was alright but lacked flavour because
the fruits weren’t totally ripe and there was no ice-cream to sweeten it up.
This post is full of random things I bought at Paris
Baguette so excuse the different lighting in the pictures. I fell in love with
the name of this bread so I just had to buy it. It’s called “
Cloudlike Double Cream Bread”. How cute
is that?!? 😀
The bread was indeed very soft and I guess, to some extent, ‘cloud-like’.
Haha. There was white custard cream in one bread and a chocolate cream in the
other. Again, so cute.
This is called Grain
Pastry with Almond Flakes (2,200 won/ $2.00 CAD)
and it became my absolute
favourite pastry from PB ever since I had it a week ago. It is essentially a
sweet flaky multigrain pastry that is brushed with sweet syrup and topped with
sliced roasted almonds. What you don’t see in the picture is the little layers
of custard that they sneak into each bread bulb and it just elevates the whole
pastry to a whole. Nother. Level.
Lastly, this is the Green
Tea Sweet Potato Cake
from PB that we got for Peter for his birthday!
You would think sweet potato and cake/ whipped cream would
be an odd combination of flavours, but it actually turned out pretty well! The
green tea flavour was a bit too 
subtle, but the sweet potato really shined
through and tasted delicious as cake! 
Happy Eating!

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  • Woaahhhh! How cool! A review about Paris Baguette!!!!!!! I am soooo addicted to Paris Baguette! It is my little heaven in Seoul! 😀 Pictures look very good… :D. Let's do a Paris Baguette tour through Seoul sometime 😉


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