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Wo Fung Noodle Express- Awesome Chicken Wings. Okay Noodles. Nothing More.

I recently heard that Wo Fung, the famous chicken wing place in the Aberdeen food court opened up a new location on Alexandra road. This location is operated by the original owners of Wo Fung as they sold their Aberdeen food court location to another family.

You order and pay at the counter when you come in and choose your own seats. Super casual, and I can see this system not suited for everyone. Plus, it’s cash only which is always a beech. 😛
They serve up noodles in soup with options of 2 toppings, 3 toppings, or 4 toppings for different prices. Everything is sold seperately so if you get an entree, a side of chicken wings, and a drink, it’ll add up. I realized this when I ordered a noodle in soup and shared 6 pcs of chicken wings with B-boy. My bill came up to $10 which I thought was surprisingly much for such a casual type setting.

I chose the 2 Topping Noodles in Soup w/ Flat Rice Noodles, Curry Fishballs, and Corn. I feel like a man for saying this, but I thought the portion was bit small. I demolished this easily and went on to eat three large chicken wings.
Nothing surprised me about the noodles and it tasted just as good as the ones from the other location. The noodles were thick and I really liked the addition of the garlic chips.
B-Boy went with the 3 Topping Noodles in Soup w/ Flat Rice Noodles, Beef Tripe, Fish Cake, and Wontons. He thought it was good and satisfying.
The chicken wings are consistently plump, juicy, and fried perfectly. Honestly, I don’t know how they do it. I need to know their secret! 
Service Rating: N/A
Food Rating: 2.5/5
Price: $-$$
Overall Rating: 2.5/5
Happy Eating!
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