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Gong Cha – Finally Here in Vancouver!

Every time I went to Hong Kong, I always made it a point to go to Gong Cha. It’s an international bubble tea chain that makes really good salted milk cap tea drinks. I wrote about them once before when I was is in Hong Kong (you can check it out here).

This Gong Cha is located on 386 Robson Street (right across the Central Vancouver Public Library).

As you can see, they have stores worldwide including Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Australia, and the US. Their drinks come in regular or large sizes ranging from $4-6. As I mentioned earlier, their signature drink has a salted milk foam on top and it subtlety adds a different dimension to the drink. Salt in small quantities actually enhance the sweetness of sugary recipes so that’s why whenever you’re baking a pie or brownie, the recipe always calls for a pinch of salt.

[From left to right] Milk Foam Wintermelon Tea, Milk Foam Green Tea with Pearls, Passionfruit Green Tea with QQ Jelly, and Milk Foam Wintermelon Tea. 

I tried the Milk Foam Green Tea on my first visit and it was as good as I remembered. When you mix the salted milk foam into the green tea, you almost get a honey green milk tea type of flavour. On my second visit, I got the Passionfruit Green Tea with QQ Jelly. I totally loved this drink! It had both coconut jelly and pearls (double the goodness), and once in a while, you get a pop of passionfruit seeds in your mouth. 😀

Service Rating: 2.5/5

Food Rating: 3.5/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 3/5


Happy Eating!

give me passionfruit everything!!!

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