Kicking Off 2013 With the Wild Rose Detox!..Gah!

Happy New Year everyone! I just want to say a quick thank you to all my readers, whether you just stopped by once to read my blog or you actually subscribe or follow every post I write. Either way, I greatly appreciate your support and feedback as that is the fuel that drives me to continue the blog. 😀

Since 2013 is now upon us, I wanted to try something new to recover from all the fatty, meaty, delicious goodness that I’ve been eating during the holidays, especially during Christmas and New Years potlucks. I have decided (and Meta Knight has joined me as well!) to try out the Wild Rose Detox Diet. It’s an incredibly restrictive diet (no dairy, no red meat, no tropical fruit like pineapples or grapes, no refined carbs like white rice or pasta, no wheat, no sugar) but the good news is that it only lasts for 12 days. I am currently on Day 3 and I already feel the benefits!

I went on a trip to Trader Joes in the US to prepare myself for this mission. First is my almond milk that I bought to replace my regular cow milk. I thought I would hate the taste of almond milk but it actually grew on me! I’ve been blending this with ground flax seed and raspberries everyday for breakfast. 🙂

These are the organic raspberries that I got, also from Trader Joes, to blend my almond milk with. It’s nice to have these on hand because it lasts way longer than fresh berries but the nutritional content remains relatively the same.

This is the thing that will probably save my life because I cannot function without ANY type of carbs. Quinoa is a complete protein and a super grain/seed which is rare in the plant world. It also provides calcium, iron, magnesium and cooper, as well as fiber. I like to cook it in chicken broth to give it more flavour and stir it into soups, chilis, stews, or eat them like rice with a side of veggies and chicken perhaps.

I saw this at the US Costco and had to get it! These are Grilled Vegetable Souffles and it is made with grilled red peppers, zucchini, broccoli, carrots, spinach, and whipped egg whites. That’s it. No other ingredients. I tried them out a few times already and these are delicious and flavourful! It doesn’t completely fill you up but it’s a great as a snack or a side.

Last but not least, white wine. I can’t drink this yet because you are not allowed alcohol during the detox, but it can be enjoyed later hehehe. 😀 This is no ordinary white wine. It comes in a box (and a spout)! Apparently, this box of white wine is equivalent to four bottles of regular white wine and can last 45 days after it has been opened. As well, it reduces waste which is always a thumbs up in my books.

That’s the end of my detox adventure! 3 days gone, 9 more to go. Lets hope Meta Knight and I don’t faint before it’s over! Haha just kidding..

Happy Healthy Eating!

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