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Super Buffet (Bellingham) – Not Bad For A Cheap Buffet.

For all Vancouverites who venture to Bellingham for either groceries, gas, or cheap shopping, I have a cheap buffet recommendation for you. It’s called Super Buffet and my cousin actually recommended this place to me.
I use to go to another buffet around the Walmart area called Wonderful Buffet (how creative right?) and it satisfied my buffet cravings pretty well. Both of these buffets are Chinese owned so there are a lot of Asian inspired dishes like sushi, dim sum, and stir fry.
This buffet is literally within blocks of Walmart, Bellis Fair Mall, and Wonderful Buffet. Super convenient location.
Their lunches are $8.99 and I believe their dinners are around $13.99. For their dinner options, I heard they serve sashimi, raw oysters, and robata (grilled meat). I would come back just to eat unlimited raw oysters.
Their nigiris are very small and pretty much bite size but I don’t necessarily think its a bad thing. You get to try a lot of different varieties without having to overstuff yourself with rice. Also, if it tastes bad, theres less of it to eat.
Some unexciting sushi rolls.
I thought this was pretty cool. Cold mini octopuses. I thought it tasted pretty awesome but don’t trust me on it because I also like eating octopuses fried, steamed, boiled, raw, and live (post here).
Crawfish!! And Kimchi?!
Cold Seafood Salad and a Cucumber Tomato Salad.
The Asian section consisted of potstickers, skewers, spring rolls, buns, etc.
The fried noodles that you see here were surprisingly delicious. They used fresh noodles so the chewy texture was definitely there. It was also nicely seasoned it without overusing soy sauce.
None of their desserts appealed to me so I pretty much skipped the entire section. My family had it though and thought they were passable.
The thing that caught me off guard were these FROG LEGS!! I had no idea they would serve frog legs here at a buffet but alas, they were here!
I would say without a doubt that I am a fairly adventurous eater when it comes to weird foods. However, frog legs always gets me…. squeamish.
For the sake of me always wanting to try things at least once (when it comes to food anyways), I took the plunge and went for it. The frog legs surprisingly tasted like….chicken! The meat was a bit tougher than chicken though because they have a lot more muscle.
Deep fried sushi anyone?
Clockwise starting from my egg drop dumpling fish ball soup (that I created myself by mixing) is cheese stuffed mushroom, mussel, deep fried chicken wing, gyoza, masago nigiri, and salmon nigiri.
I really love and appreciate the fact that they have Black Bean Stir Fried Clams.
Say Hello to the little octopus! Yum!
If I were to choose between Old Country Buffet and Super Buffet, I’d definitely go for this. It is more affordable, the variety is way larger, the quality is about the same, and they serve a lot of seafood which is rare to see at cheap buffets.Based on these reasons:

  • right next to Bellis Fair Mall!
  • go at night for raw oysters and sashimi
  • items are refilled pretty quickly
Service Rating: N/A
Food Rating: 2.5/5
Price: $-$$
Overall Rating: 2.5/5
Happy Eating!

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