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Mimibuloveme- Parfait for Lovers

I’m just kidding. These parfaits are not only for lovers. In fact, I came her with my three girl friends because we wanted an after dinner treat. 
This little place with a unqiue name can be found very near Oakridge mall but you need to search hard for it because they don’t really have a store front with their name on it. All you’ll see is their sandwich board outside their door that says ‘Mimibuloveme’. 
For such a hidden cafe/dessert place, I was pleased to see a lot of customers dining in. 
Parfaits are their specialty but they also serve crepes, pastas, and other savoury items. Lil Sis said she tried their crepes before and they were absolutely delicious. 
The Matcha Parfait consisted of green tea ice cream, red bean, green tea honey cake, mochi balls, and gluten free graham crackers. To be honest I didn’t taste any graham crackers but I was fine with that. The mochi was soft and chewy just the way I like it. The green tea ice cream was good and did not have an artificial taste to it which is always my concern. All in all, this is a solid dessert that’ll make you feel happy in all the right places.
This Black Sesame Parfait was my favourite of the two and it consisted of black sesame ice cream, vanilla ice cream, grass jelly, gluten free graham crackers (I think they substituted this with corn pops O.O) and mochi balls. I liked this parfait more purely because of the fact that I love black sesame. Nothing more. It was a good parfait but some honey cake in the middle would have been better than corn pops. 
Overall, this little place is a great spot for friends, couples, or your lonesome self (I kid, I kid) to come for dessert. Or, you could be like my friend Lil Sis, and check this place out during dinner time and get yourself a crepe. 
Based on these reasons:
  • parfaits are great for sharing
  • easy to make at home as the ingredients are not hard to find
  • cute little place to talk and wet your palate
  • good for couples
Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 3/5
Price: $
Overall Rating: 3/5
Happy Eating!
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