Banana Chocolate Power Smoothie Recipe

It is pretty much common knowledge now that eating a well balanced breakfast first thing in the morning will help you succeed in losing weight by keeping you satiated throughout the day. However, if you are anything like me, you probably value getting that extra ten minutes of snooze time over making breakfast. That is why I recommend drinking smoothies in the morning! It’s quick, easy, healthy, and best of all, it is portable! You can even drink it in the car which makes for an incredibly convenient breakfast.
I drink a smoothie every day for breakfast and it honestly keeps me full for a good two-three hours.
I recently bought two products from VEGA which is a brand of vegan, plant based nutritional products. I got the Vega Smoothie Bodacious Berry and Choco-a-lot.
Not only does the Vega Smoothie product give you a good 10g of plant based protein, it also provides 5g of fiber, two servings of veggies, 1g of Omega-3, and is completely dairy, gluten, and soy free with no added sugar.
The Choc-a-lot powder is chocolatey enough without being overly sweet which is nice because this is usually eaten for breakfast. There is also a handy scooper to help you measure out one scoop for each smoothie.
All I did was add one cup of almond milk, one banana, half a tablespoon of flax seed and voila! Your very own Banana Chocolate Power Smoothie! It is an awesome way to recharge your metabolism first thing in the morning so you burn off more calories throughout the day. 🙂
Sinfully delicious without the guilt. What could be better than that? 😀
Have you tried this product before? Let me know what you think in the comments below!
Happy Eating!


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  • I would love to have one now !!!!


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