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Korean Corn Dog Hack – 10 Days of Easy Hacks and Recipes

Hey there! Welcome back to Day 7 of my 10 days of easy hacks and recipes!

Today is a quick one 🙂 It’s my SUPER EASY hack for enjoying the frozen Han Chef Korean Corn Dogs aka Crispy Potato Corn Dogs from Costco Canada! They come with 8 in a bag and it’s $11.99.

Are you ready for it…?


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My favourite pasta sauce is Carbone and when you dip your Korean Corn dog in this pasta sauce, it instantly brings back memories of my favourite diner-style mozzarella sticks. ?

Traditionally, Korean corn dogs are dipped in sugar, or eaten with ketchup/mustard/mayo…etc. However this is my favourite way to enjoy it and I hope you’ll give it a try!

  1. Cook your frozen Korean Corn Dog (Potato Cheese Dog) according to package directions (usually it’s microwave followed by air frying).
  2. Open a jar of your favourite pasta sauce!
  3. Dip your hot Korean Corn Dog into your pasta sauce (or alternatively pour your pasta sauce onto your corn dog) and enjoy! 


? DAY 7 of 10 – EASY HACKS AND RECIPES KOREAN CORN DOG HACK! ? By now you probably know of the famous @han_chef_official frozen Korean Potato Cheese Dogs (aka Korean Corn Dogs) available in Canadian Costcos! ?? This is my personal fav way to eat them… and it’s dipping them in @carbonefinefood PASTA SAUCE! ? #notsponsored ? You can also dip them in your favourite pasta sauce ? Dipping them in a tomato based pasta sauce instantly brings back memories of diner-style mozzarella sticks ? I like it so much better the normal condiments like sprinkling sugar on it, or regular ketchup/mustard ?‍♀️ Let me know in the comments if you’ll give this a try! ? ?? Follow @eatingwithkirby for Day 8 of my 10 Days of Easy Hacks and Recipes! ? Click the link in my bio for the blog post on this hack ? #koreancorndog #costcocorndog #koreanpotatocheesedog #carbone #carbonepastasauce #10daysofeasyhacksandrecipes #foodhack

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I hope you’re inspired to try this hack for yourself and don’t forget to comment on my IG reel/TikTok or in this blog post telling me what you thought of this recipe!

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