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Food Cart Fest – Nothing Beats The Outdoors

There is something about eating outside in the heat and sippin’ on a cold drink that just makes me happy. Maybe its because I get to observe people go by while I consume delicious food sitting on the curb, or maybe because eating on the street brings me back memories of my hometown, Hong Kong, where eating on the street is the norm.
Every Sunday starting now until September 22nd, a herd of food trucks will be gathering near Olympic Village for the second annual Food Cart Fest from 12-5pm.
I came with Meta Knight and we just skytrained down to Olympic Village station since its easier than finding parking around the area. Entrance fee is $2 but if you are a Vancity member, you get to go in for free!
Some of the food trucks that are participating in the Food Cart Fest include Pig on the Street, Feastro, Chili Tank, Dougie Dog, Soho Road, Mom’s Grilled Cheese, and Le Tigre.
I’ve had a sample of Le Tigre’s ‘Kick Ass’ rice before and I absolutely LOVED it. I knew I couldn’t leave here without giving the full portion a try.
In addition to their kick ass rice, they were selling Johnny Pop’s Strawberry Rhubarb popsicles ($4!! Kinda pricey eh?), brussel sprout and cauliflower salad, pulled pork steamed buns, and famous beet fries.
Don’t you find those Hello Kitty classes adorable?! 
The Kick Ass Rice w/ Pork Belly ($9) consists of pork belly slices sitting on top of beautifully aromatic rice made from dashi, sake, herbs, and butter. It is doused with a generous amount of spiced mayo and a barely cooked egg. 
Best way to eat it is to pop the egg yolk and mix it all up, as shown above. I’m telling you guys, the rice was freaking amazing. I don’t enjoy eating rice too often, but if all rice tasted like this, I’d have it with every meal.
We saw a lot of people carrying this around so we joined the cult and ordered the Famous Beet Fries ($5) with 7 spice mayo.
By frying the beets, they turned this normally tough root vegetable into soft, sweet, crispy fries. The natural sweetness of the beets were also showcased with every bite. As much as we loved them, these were hot and fried so they were hard to eat on a scorching hot day. 
Overall Rating: 5/5

Le Tigre Cuisine Mobile Food Truck on Urbanspoon

To cool down, we went to Holy Perogy (cute name!) for their Blueberry Lemonade.
The ‘Hungry Human’ looked mighty delicious but we thought it was too expensive. A lot of people ordered it though.
The Blueberry Lemonade ($3) was our lifesaver and cooled us down immediately. However, I don’t know why but the blueberry flavour tasted a bit artificial. I’m hoping they only used fresh blueberries to make it.
Overall Rating: 3/5

Holy Perogy on Urbanspoon

Knowing Meta Knight is a fan of oysters, I introduced him to The Kaboom Box because they serve up a mean Oyster Po’ Boy ($10)
There were two meaty oysters sandwiched between nice soft bread and a cooling coleslaw. Loved the panko crust as it provided a great crunch factor. Kaboom Box has always been consistent and have never failed me with any of their dishes so I highly recommend their options.

Overall Rating: 4/5

The Kaboom Box on Urbanspoon

All in all, it was a great way to spend an afternoon. I wouldn’t trade eating outside on the curb for a restaurant with AC because the experience is what makes food delicious! I know, it’s corny. Anyways, grab your buddy or loved one and head out there for some good ol’ street food. 

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