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Kyo Hayashiya (Tokyo) – Matcha Galore

I was browsing through my photos and I realized I haven’t finished blogging about all the restaurants I went to in Tokyo, Japan last summer! Since I feel like potential tourists of Tokyo can benefit from these posts, I’m going to do a little time travel. 🙂

Trixie and I went to Tokyo last summer for a few days and stayed at the ‘B Ikebukuro’ hotel near the Ikebukuro station.

Near the hotel and Ikebukuro station, there is a giant mall called Ikebukuro Seibu that housed this matcha focused cafe called Kyo Hayashiya on the 8th floor. You heard right matcha fans, a cafe with ALL things matcha.

Most of their items are dine-in only but they do sell a variety of matcha cakes (like Baumkuchen!), cheesecakes, jellies, and swiss rolls. Baumkuchen is a type of layered cake that resembles ‘tree rings’ by their unique method of cooking the cake on a rotating spit. I so wanted to get a matcha one here but it was too expensive. 🙁

They were advertising their Matcha Mousse Cheesecake and Matcha Jelly when we went. God the cheesecake looks good…

Trixie and I wanted to try everything so we ordered three items to share.

We opted for a Hot Matcha Milk type thing and while it was good, I wouldn’t say it was amazing. It kind of tasted like milk mixed with matcha powder which is still delicious and would actually make for a great pre-bedtime snack.

This is called Matcha Soft Serve Ice-Cream with Matcha Jello (~8,000 Yen/ $9 CAD) and though it looks vibrant green, the matcha flavour was surprisingly subtle. I personally like the bitterness of strong matcha so this wasn’t my favourite but for people who are new to the flavours of matcha, I think this is great. The matcha jello was delicious but a chewier texture would have elevated the overall dessert.

Last but not least is the Parfait (~12,000 Yen/ $13 CAD) which had flavourless jello on the bottom, topped with soft serve matcha-vanilla swirl ice-cream, mochi balls (aka glutinous rice balls), matcha powdered rice cakes, and a biscuit.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Kyo Hayashiya to matcha fanatics AND virgins when visiting Tokyo even though I don’t think they serve the best matcha products I’ve ever tasted. The fact that this is a themed cafe also makes it hard to pass up. Be forewarned however, the prices are not exactly cheap. I believe Trixie and I spent about $15+ CAD per person for this mid afternoon snack of three items.

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Happy Eating!

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  • Ahhhhh want 🙂
    I actually bought a set of matcha equipment and am whisking up my own matcha at home now.


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