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Top 8 Places To Eat in Richmond

For a lot of Vancouverites who rarely venture into Richmond, finding a place to eat can be overwhelming, especially if you know there are over 800 restaurants to choose from!

To make it a little easier on you, I’ve compiled a list of my Top 8 (for luck! Asians will know what I’m talkin’ about) favorite places to eat in Richmond.

8) Deer Garden – Incredibly Flavourful Fish Broth

Richmond is home to two Deer Garden locations, one on Alexandra road, one on Cambie road. Their house made fish broth is to die for and is the perfect remedy for a chilly night, starving tummy, or quick bite with friends. Not recommended for chatting and catching up with old friends because Deer Garden is more of a ‘eat and go’ type of place.

7) Flying Beaver Bar & Grill – Perfect Spot to Chill, Watch the Game, and Eat a Burger

Located near the YVR airport, this seemingly casual neighborhood pub serves up amazing and meaty burgers. Try their Bison Burger w/ Guinness Cheese or the Kahuna Burger with Fresh Pinapple.

6) Bubble Queen – All Hail The Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake!

Bubble Queen is one of the most popular bubble tea houses in Richmond solely because of their incredibly fresh fruit slushes. Their most famous one? Fresh Mango Slush with Mango Cubes. MUST GET ITEM.

5) Chen’s Shanghai House – Awesome Xiao Long Baos and Salty Soy Milk 

Some people might disagree with me on this one but my favourite ‘bang-for-your-buck’ Shanghainese restaurant is Chen’s Shanghai House located on Park Road (across from Richmond Center). It has a sketchy looking exterior but they offer the best xiao long baos aka Shanghai soup buns I’ve ever had. Tip: its best to come with at least one Asian person because the waitress’ English skills are limited.

4) Gokudo Shabu Shabu – This Shabu Shabu is Not Too Shabby

For hot pot, I’ve recently gravitated towards Gokudo Shabu Shabu located inside Continental Plaza on Cambie road because it is not All-You-Can-Eat and I enjoy their healthy combo sets. Seating is quite limited so its best to make reservations.

3) Sushi Hachi – Saba Battera is Amazing!

Sushi Hachi is a hidden gem in Richmond for authentic Japanese sushi. It is operated by a couple and they only open for three hours a day (Tues-Sat). Its a little on the pricey side but the quality of seafood you get is well worth it. Their Saba Battera and Amaebi nigiri are highly recommended.

2) Gyo-o – Fresh Seafood, Authentic Ramen, Mouth-watering Dons

I’ve written about Gyo-o at least three to four times now and it is one of my go-to Japanese restaurants whenever anyone asks me where to eat. I absolutely adore their Seafood Tonkotsu Ramen and Seafood Yukke Don (pictured above) and all of their items are extremely affordable. Great food, cute decor, welcoming ambiance, I just can’t say enough good things about Gyo-o.

1) L’Opera Patisserie – J’adore Paris

I recently discovered L’Opera Patisserie located on Minoru Road and Westminister, and honestly, it has changed my life. I now no longer have to transit all the way to downtown just to get my hands on some macarons because these at L’Opera are even better. They offer high tea, pastries, desserts, and tea, so it is a great little spot for catching up with friends. I absolutely love love love this quaint little patisserie and I never want it to leave my life.

So there you go! These are my Top 8 recommendations for restaurants in Richmond. If you think another restaurant in Richmond was tragically snubbed by me, please let me know in the comments below. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Happy Eating!

Deer Garden Signatures ้นฟๅœ’้ญšๆนฏ็ฑณ็ทš on Urbanspoon
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Chen's Shanghai Kitchen ็™ฝ็Ž‰่˜ญ้ค้คจ on Urbanspoon
Sushi Hachi ้ฎจๅ…ซ on Urbanspoon
Gyo-O ้ญš็Ž‹ on Urbanspoon
L'Opera Patisserie on Urbanspoon
Gokudo Shabu Shabu Hot Pot ๆฅต้“ๆถฎๆถฎ้‹ on Urbanspoon

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