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Capstone Tea & Fondue – Chocolate. Cheese. Yum.

Capstone Tea & Fondue was offering a deal on Groupon a while ago and I took the opportunity to give Capstone another try (at a discounted price) after having been disappointed many yeas ago. 

The Groupon I bought was $25 for 4 people which comes out to roughly $7 per person once you include taxes and gratuity. For 50% off the regular price, this was a pretty sweet deal.

Its a set ‘menu’ if-you-will, and it comes with two cheese and two chocolate fondues. The individual fondue pots are cute and were kept warm throughout the meal by the tea candle underneath.

The Swiss Cheese fondue was mild in flavour and a little bland to honest. It was fine, but it just tasted like something I could have made at home. I expected the flavours to be more complex and in depth, considering it is a restaurant specializing in ONLY fondue.
Included in the cheese fondue were cubed bread (stale), baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, grapes, applies, pretzels, and puff pastry. None were refillable except for the bread.

They use 56% semi-sweet Belgian chocolate which was nice because it wasn’t overly sweet. One thing I would like to mention is that there really wasn’t much chocolate in the pot. I saw the ‘cook/ food prepper’ pour a small amount of chocolate inside, then swirled the pot so the chocolate coats the wall giving the illusion of a fuller pot.

In addition to these assorted fruits and pastry items, we also had two ‘dips’. We chose Honey Graham and Toffee Pieces. I really enjoyed the fresh fruit and banana bread.

It seemed like a lot of food when they first brought it out to us but when you think about how much was served between four people, it really isn’t all that much. We went to Marutama Ramen after because none of us were fully satisfied from this.

The frozen ice-cream balls were a nice treat but it becomes overly rich and heavy when dipped in chocolate. I would actually prefer to pop them in my mouth and eat it like that.

In the end, my friends and I all had a mediocre experience at Capstone and none of us left the restaurant satisfied. I really wanted to like this place, I really did. But how can I when everything they served can be so easily replicated at home? If you don’t mind overpaying for the convenience of not having to prep and clean up melted cheese/chocolate, then this place is for you. As for myself, I love cooking and preparing food at home so there is no way I’ll come back and pay regular price (~$15). With a Groupon, maybe.

Service Rating: 2.5/5
Food Rating: 2.5/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Happy Eating!

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  • Can't believe they faked the amount of chocolate by brushing the sides… clever, but sneaky.


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