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Marche (Toronto) – Coolest Restaurant Ever

Ok guys, here’s another restaurant that is not to be missed when visiting Toronto. It’s called Marche located in the Financial District and I sadly went on the last day of my work vacay so returning for another fabulous lunch was not an option. 🙁

Marche is a market style restaurant in which it is set up like a super cute supermarket (think Whole Foods). It is divided into different sections (burgers, pastas, dessert, veggies, smoothies…etc) and you pick what you want and put it onto your tray.When you’re done with your food, you go to the cashier and pay when you leave. The cost is recorded on this card they give you upon entering. You have to swipe the card each time you pick up an item so they can account for how much it is.


So many veggies!!

I got myself a Green Smoothie because this smoothie bar was just too hard to ignore. $6 is pretty pricey for a smoothie but they are freshly made and look incredible enticing.

They even have a butcher looking like station where you choose the type of raw meat and they will grill it right in front of you.


They have quite a large variety of ice-cream/ sorbets to choose from. A lot of reviews online said they were pretty darn tasty.

The desserts…. Again, a little pricey as you can see. However, it’ll be hard not to finish your meal with one of these treats.

I am a HUGE raw oyster fan so when I saw fresh oysters offered at Marche, I just had to get it. I asked for four and the lady shucked it right in front of me.

The oysters were absolutely fabulous and surprisingly void of any pieces of shell (the lady looked like she was having a hard time shucking them).

In addition to my green smoothie and oysters, I rounded up some random veggies as well. It’s a weird lunch, I know.

Almost every table had someone eating the house-made brick oven pizza but it didn’t look anything too spectacular. Boy was I wrong. My coworker ordered one and after having taken a bite, I was in love. The crust was perfectly crispy and each the ingredient just tasted so… fresh. Notice how the word ‘fresh’ is the common theme here at Marche?

Beef burger and fries with Caesar salad. I only had some of the fries and they were addictive.

Obviously I couldn’t be full off just some oysters and veggies so I had to grab some desserts. Here is the Creme Brulee, Macarons, and Espresso. The macarons were not very good but the creme brulee was pretty solid.

Their strawberry tart looks absolutely scrumptious. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any.

All in all, Marche is the coolest restaurant I’ve been to. I’ve always wanted to have a buffet at Trader Joes or Whole Foods so this is pretty darn close with its wide variety of raw, fresh, local products. If you grab a lot of food and drinks though, the prices will add up so just make sure you go in knowing how much each product is before picking it up so you can gauge how much it’ll be in the end.

Service Rating: N/A (you seat yourself)
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

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4 thoughts on “Marche (Toronto) – Coolest Restaurant Ever

  • Peter

    We also went to another store of Marche in Seoul! Remember?

  • Kirsty Ip

    I don't remember that!! When did we go??

  • Peter

    At the end of ISC. It was at COEX mall with Rei, Sean, me and my family! 🙂 I think the Toronto branch looks better though…

  • Kirsty Ip

    Yes I remember now!! I do think the Toronto location was a bit better but both were great!!


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