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Le Faux Bourgeois – Need to Go Back for Their Steak and Frites!!

We celebrated Lil Sis’ birthday by having dinner at Le Faux Bourgeois (anyone know the proper way to pronounce this?). This little French bistro has always been on my to-eat list and I was so happy to finally taste what all the fuss is about.

I liked Le Faux Bourgeois instantly because their menu was affordable and the quantity of food was great. I find a lot of French restaurants overprice their dishes and I end up leaving hungry and unsatisifed.

We started off with some complimentary bread and butter.

Anything with buoyancy and chew is always up my alley so these French snails aka Escargots De Bourgogne ($10.00) were right up there. I do prefer them cooked in garlic and only a little bit of butter versus submerged in a cup full like the one above.

Three of us ended up getting the Steak Frites ($20) but with different sides and sauces. This one is with a salad instead of fries, and is served with a slab of herb butter. I guess the salad compensates for the butter?? Haha.

This Steak Frites is also served with a salad and a side of red wine shallot jus.  The wine simmered down to a perfect sauce and it goes oh so well with steak. The only thing was that Lil Sis found her steak cooked just a little over her requested medium rare.

I wanted to try Steak Frites as is so I got them with fries and a peppercorn sauce. Dear lord these fries were good. They were not overly crispy and most of them still had skin attached to it (I love potato skin!!). My steak, unlike my girlfriends, was perfectly cooked to a medium rare and tender to the touch. I could cut it with a butter knife. 🙂

Rae couldn’t rave enough about the Canard Confit dish. It has a a crispy duck confit on top of a warm salad of Sarladaise potatoes, goat cheese, arugula and port jus. The skin was SOOO crispy she nearly died eating it. I will definitely try this dish next time I go!

Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $$$-$$$$

Overall Rating: 4/5

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Eat all the carbs and meat!!

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