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Merchant Oyster Bar & BierCraft – The Story of Seafood and Wine

After an incredibly long and stressful week, Robot and I were both in desperate need of seafood and wine. We wandered along Commercial to find Merchant Oyster Bar which would satisfy both our wine and raw oyster craving.

We went with the Tableside White Wine ($10/glass) and 18 Buck Fifty Happy Hour Oysters ($1.50/ea). The wine was sweet and was smooth on the palate. The raw oysters had a bit of shell but was otherwise pleasant overall.

Having browsed the menu of Merchant Oyster Bar with nothing wowing us in particular, we left and walked another block or so until we ended at BierCraft. I know.. who goes to BierCraft and gets wine?! Well.. we do! They started us off with some complimentary potato chips.

Their mussels are delivered fresh seven days a week and they have six options to choose from! We couldn’t resist.. especially because we were (yes..) having white wine again!

We ordered a bottle of Gewurztraminer ($36/bottle) and shared a pound of Thai Mussels ($15.50). The broth was made with coconut milk which was oh so delicious, especially when dipped with bread.

I loved how the mussels were all really plump and juicy!

There is just something about Baked Brie ($12) that is completely irresistible. Flaky crust.. ooey gooey stretchy cheese, balsamic reduction… it’s just a match made in heaven.

We probably could have done without this because we were so full when this arrived. The Blue Cheese Crimini Mushrooms ($10) were so pungent with the blue cheese taste that I couldn’t have too many. But for all blue cheese lovers, this item is for you.

All in all we had a great time at both restaurants and I would recommend both for a girls night our or romantic date consisting of raw oysters, seafood, and wine. 🙂

Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $$$$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

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