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Burgoo (Lonsdale Quay)- Comfort in My Belly

What is your idea of a perfect Sunday? Mine involves a rise-and-shine wakeup without the sound of an alarm clock, roaming around in my PJs, having a hearty brunch, and watching movies for the rest of the day with nothing but a blanket and an oversized mug of hot tea. I don’t get to experience that feeling all too often so sometimes just a nice brunch will help me ressurect that feeling.
I never knew there was a Burgoo at Lonsdale Quay but one day Meta Knight decided to bring me there for a fun day trip and to have brunch. Apparently this Burgoo location is highly rated on Urbanspoon.
The interior feels like a happy hippy’s living room. I can’t explain why… it just feels that way. 😛

We shared two entrees and our first dish was the Eggs Ratatouille ($12). We both rewatched the Disney film Ratatouille not too long ago so we subsciously gravitated towards this. Haha. So Eggs Ratatouille consisted of ‘three scrambled eggs served over oven baked ratatouille with toasts, melted Gruyere, Emmenthal, Mozzarella and Chevre’. It was heavenly and we both LOVED that this dish was vegetable heavy.
Our next dish was the Soup & Sandwich Combo ($16) in which we chose the Gooey Cheese Grillers and Seafood Potage. The soup tasted similar to a runnier version of seafood chowder. It wasn’t heavy nor reeking of cream.
My favourite sandwiches by far are the grilled cheese sandwiches. Either this one or the Dos Diablos. Both of them are probably the most unhealthy choices on the list but I assure you, the crusty cheesed up french baguette and melted cheese inside will make you forget that its clogging your arteries.
Based on these reasons:
  • get the grilled cheese!!
  • doesn’t get any better than comfort food
  • 2 min walk away from Seabus station

Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating: 4/5

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