Cineplex VIP Experience – Speciality Food Menu, In-Seat Drink Service, Adults Only

How many of you know that Cineplex offers a VIP experience in select theatres? I didn’t until a couple of months ago and I recently just gave it a try with Meta Knight at the Cineplex in Coquitlam.

The VIP Cinema Experience is for adults only (19+) because they offer alcoholic beverages in the lounge that you can hang out in before the movie, AND during when the movie’s playing. The tickets are normally $19.50, so ~$7 more dollars than a regular movie ticket. If you’re thrifty like me, just use 1000 Scene points and you can get the VIP ticket for free!

The entrance looks pretty dope and sophisticated, no? With the VIP Cinemas Experience, you get:

  1. Licensed lounge
  2. Comfy reserved seating
  3. Premium in-theatre service
  4. Speciality food menu
  5. Age of majority admission (they check your ID before you can go in)

The Cineplex in Coquitlam also has this cool games department called “Xscape”. I watched Undercover Boss one time where the CEO of Cineplex went undercover and he mentioned that this “Xscape” concept is super new and they are looking to integrate this into all the Cineplex theatres. It’s super cool and it’s a ticket/reward system (think Playdium *hope I didn’t just age myself*).

The lounge has a full bar, concession stand for your regular munchies like popcorn, drinks, nachos…etc. We came late so we didn’t have time to chill in the lounge but next time I’ll make sure to come an hour early to grab a drink and watch the hockey game..

Here are some of the frozen concoctions you can get at the lounge. Prices are reasonable.

Yummy cocktails.

I was really intrigued by their “Speciality food menu” and by the looks of it, it is definitely a lot more innovative than popcorn and hot dogs. However, prices look a little steep for appys. Especially edamame for $8?!

We ordered all our food and drinks in the theatre so needless to say, it was incredibly dark (excuse the incredibly pixelated picture). Meta Knight ordered the Caesars ($7.50) and loved it. It was on par with the quality of drinks you’d normally find at Joeys or Earls..etc. His Angus Burger ($12) (not pictured) on the other hand was a little disappointing, albeit quite large in quantity.

I chose the Sweet Escape ($7.50) which was a cocktail with vodka, banana and strawberry flavoured liqueur, and strawberry puree. It was tasty and pretty strong. I also got a Pulled Pork Poutine ($8) and it was okay. Nothing amazing.

All in all, I would totally use my 1000 points for this VIP experience because you get your own special theatre with extra large comfy seats (when you pull the arm rests up, it turns into a loveseat where you and your loved one can cuddle), it’s 19+ so no crying kids to ruin the movie, and the ‘speciality food’ here beats out popcorn and nachos any day.

Happy Eating!

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  • Glad you liked it! Don't forget to try their sushi combos too… and the fact you can substitute any of the sushi rice w brown rice 🙂


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