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Chicken Holic – Decent Chicken and Beer!

Recently, I went to Ta Bom with a bunch of other foodies, Sherman, Diana, Joyce, Amy, Nancy and we came across this very unassuming chicken and beer restaurant called Chicken Holic. They had a “Grand Opening” sign so we got curious and went in for a late night snack! I know…us foodies have two stomachs.


They boasted a variety of different food like Tornado Potato, Bubble Tea, Poutine, Butter Chicken, Soy Chicken, and Cajun Wings on the outside so we actually got a little scared because it seemed like this restaurant had a confused identity. But after having had the food, I can safely say, don’t be scared! The food is really good!!


When you dine in, you’ll get a side of pickled radishes. It tastes really good with the fried chicken. In addition, you get both barbecue and dipping mustard sauce and both were great complimentary sauces for the original chicken.


Complimentary fried wontons in their spicy sauce. I actually really liked this!


This is the Small Crispy Boneless Chicken and it was super delish. Even without any sauce, the flavours were there and the chicken was moist. The exterior was also crunchy, just enough for a good bite without being overly drenched in batter.


We also got the Small Soy Garlic Boneless Fried Chicken and Small Sweet & Chili Boneless Fried Chicken. The sweet and chili sauce was more like a gochujang sauce whereas the soy garlic sauce was like a sweet and savoury umami sauce.Out of all the flavours, my favourite was the soy garlic.

All in all, Chicken Holic is a pretty decent spot for Korean chicken and beer. Don’t let the exterior and minimalistic decor fool you, the food is solid and I will definitely be coming back.

Service Rating: 4/5

Food Rating: 3/5

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Happy Eating!

When this spontaneous find turned out really good

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