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Blossom Teas (North Burnaby) – Specialty Bubble Tea Near SFU

For people living in north or south Burnaby, you know there are very limited choices when you’re suddenly craving bubble tea. Well don’t fret! Because there is a new bubble tea place in town!

Blossom Teas is located randomly in a completely unassuming residential area near the bottom of SFU mountain. You can even walk here from the bus stop if you are taking the 144 to Metrotown.

They specialize in fresh mango bubble teas, similar to Bubble Queen in Richmond. I have to say though… it doesn’t compare because my slush was nowhere as good as Bubble Queen.

In addition to bubble tea, they serve slush, mochi balls, smoothies, thick toasts, savoury noodles, and shaved ice. They also have a small area to sit and a dart machine.

Meta Knight and I didn’t have dinner so we were super tempted by these savoury noodle options. In the end though we decided to get a speciality bubble tea each and a thick toast to share.

He chose the Fresh Mango Supreme ($5.95) which essentially is a fresh mango slush topped with mango cubes. I appreciate the large size but the only let down was that the mango was sour. Granted we came just after peak mango season but it really disturbed my tastebuds to eat sour mango cubes. I on the other hand went with their Matcha Matcha Shake ($5.00) which came with a small scoop of matcha ice-cream and pocky stick. I enjoyed this one very much. The ice-cream was authentically bitter, an essence of true matcha.

As mentioned, we shared a snack to share and I wish we never got it… The Hokkaido Milk Toast was $5.00 and looked just like two pieces of toast with a heavy drizzle of condense milk on top. As a saving grace, Meta Knight though the toast was PERFECTLY crispy and tasted more delicious than any toast he’s ever made before.

I have mixed feelings about this place. I wanted to like it and be a hidden gem but it failed to meet my expectations. Perhaps I’ll give them a try again in case this was a one off before making that judgement.

Have you been to Blossom Teas before? What did you think of their bubble teas?

Service Rating: N/A
Food Rating: 2.5/5
Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Happy Eating!

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