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Random Thought- TCBY (Silvercity Metropolis) Healthier Alternative Than Popcorn

Since Meta Knight and I enjoy going to the movies, we
often fall for the uber expensive food at the theatre. Popcorn is usually out
of the question because it’s pretty much butter in a bag, so we always go for the
healthier alternative: frozen yogurt at TCBY.

This is a medium and
we chose two toppings: fresh strawberries and Skor. Frozen yogurt is actually
very satisfying so I recommend getting this for people who want healthier
options at the theatre.

This was from a different day and we were quite surprised at
the difference in quantity from our last visit. Clearly, the amount of yogurt
you get is solely dependent on who happens to be making it on that day. So
lesson of the day is, recognize and make friends with the employee who makes
the largest and prettiest frozen yogurt. 😛 

Happy Eating!

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