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Lao Shan Dong Homemade Noodle House – Surprising Find Near Metrotown

To my disappointment, I realized recently that the Cattle Cafe near Metropolis at Metrotown has closed down. I used to love their convenient location and inexpensive bowls of fish soup noodles. Sad.

Lao Shan Dong is located actually right next to Cattle Cafe but I never gave it a second glance. Since Rae and I didn’t know any other place nearby, we gave this noodle house a shot.

Their prices are inexpensive ranging from $6.25 for a small to $10.95 for a large.


We came at around 5pm to a relatively empty restaurant but by the time we left, this whole restaurant was full.

We started off with a small jellyfish dish to share. It was about three bucks and just enough to get our taste buds tingling!

They pride themselves on their beef noodles and say it’s worth driving across town. For a restaurant to boldly state that on their menu, they must have a lot of confidence in their product.

I had the Braised Beef Tendon with Noodle in Soup ($7.95) and I was oh so happy with my order. Big fat pieces of tendon beautifully floated on top of the rich dark broth.

The handmade noodles also didn’t disappoint. They weren’t under or overcooked and maintained its strength throughout my entire meal. Some other noodle dishes get soggy or overcooked as you eat it but this one didn’t which was great.

Rae ordered the Braised Beef Flank with Noodle in Soup ($6.95) and thought it was pretty good for the price.

Overall, this is a pretty decent place to have Taiwanese beef noodle soup in South Burnaby. The plus is that it’s walkable distance from Metrotown so if you need to have a quick dinner before catching a movie at Cineplex or meeting friends, this is the place to go.

Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!

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