Porridge and Bibimbap Cafe (Seoul, Korea)- Healthy, Nutritious Congee For The Heart and Seoul

On the same day that I went to eat live octopus with Diana
(foodology), we also went to this porridge and bibimbap (mixed veggies/meat/egg
on rice) place for breakfast.

The name of this restaurant literally translates into “Porridge
and Bibimbap Cafe” and it is located right below Miss Lee Cafe in Myeong Dong.
They offer many variations of healthy porridge as well as bibimbap
so it’s a great place to have a nutritious meal if you eat out often.
It’s very clean and spacious inside.
We ordered a Beef
Mushroom Porridge (8,000 won/ ~$8.00 CAD)
to share and it was indeed super
nutritious… AND delicious!

I am an avid lover of sesame seeds so I was ecstatic to see
both grinded black and white sesame seeds on top!
We were given a few side dishes to accompany our porridge.
This was the original Bibimbap
(6,500 won/ ~$6.50 CAD)
and it came with seaweed soup, and the three side dishes.
I prefer my egg to be more raw and yolky but it
was not bad.
Bibimbap is a dish that is commonly eaten in Korea and it
usually consists of a variety of vegetables or meat on rice. Before you eat it,
you are supposed to mix everything together along with some red pepper paste.
If you don’t mix it and eat everything seperately, waiters and waitresses in Korea will look at you funny because they’ll know you’re a foreigner. 😛 This is what
it looks like after we mixed it. Looks healthy eh?! 😀 Yummy!
Happy Eating!

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