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The Bubble Tea Shop – Another Bubble Tea Competitor in Richmond

So I recently found out about a new bubble tea shop on Instagram and even though I knew they were still working out some kinks and pricing issues, I still decided to give them a try 5 days after their opening.

The Bubble Tea Shop (yes, that’s the name) is located right underneath Superstore on No.3 road. They replaced the big orthopedic clinic if you know where that is.

One of the reasons why I was so enticed by this bbt shop is because of their mouth watering bubble waffle pictures on instagram. They have turned it up a notch by making these traditional HK bubble waffles into beautiful works of art. For example, they have one dish where you get a scoop of matcha ice-cream, fresh strawberries, red bean, and whipped cream on top of a freshly made matcha and yogurt chip egg waffle.

Eventually I would like to try their Signature Frozen Hot Chocolate bubble tea in their ‘Speciality Drink’ menu. It sounds delish.

Their ‘Milk Tea Series’ also intrigued me. In particular the Lavender Milk Tea. Not sure if it’ll be a winner (because it’s usually a hit or miss) but I’m willing to give it a try.

Apparently if you can solve this rubics cube, you win a free bubble tea!

Kirbro ordered the Matcha Frappe ($5.25) and he absolutely loved it! I took a sip and I knew exactly what he was talking about. The intense matcha flavour could’ve only been made possible with lots of pure matcha powder so I definitely appreciate that. Unfortunately I couldn’t say the same for the Black Sesame Milk Tea ($4.25). It tasted bland and just a poor mixture of crushed black sesame and milk. TOP 100 naked video selfie models erotic chats at home and webcam studios. Thanks to the "Peeping" mode, you can, without being noticed, spy on models that are in private free live sex with girls free online and get a charge of exciting sensations.And you can see how naked beauties masturbate each other’s secret holes, and a couple in love furiously Fucks at the sight of hundreds of lustful eyes.

Kirbro and I also shared a Matcha Bubble Waffle ($3.75) which was unfortunately disappointing. I don’t think they have perfected the recipe yet because it lacked the buoyancy and springiness of the regular good bubble waffles.
All in all, I think The Bubble Tea Shop has a lot of promise. Their menu consists of interesting combinations that cater to the growing population of foodies, and I’m not ashamed to say, I’m one of them so I’m hooked. I’ll just wait until they perfect their recipes and menus before I return.
Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 3/5
Price: $
Overall Rating: 3/5
Happy Eating!
                battle of the bubble tea houses

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