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Sushirrito (San Francisco) – Please Bring This to Vancouver!!!

When I was on vacay with Rae in San Fran, there was one place on my list that I could not leave without trying. It’s called Sushirrito (combination of sushi and burrito) and it’s an original concept from San Fran. I can see this going big in Vancouver…unfortunately, it’s not available here in the north so you’ll have to travel to San Fran to try out these super cool sushi burritos.

This one’s called Salmon Samba ($10.00 USD) and it has oven baked agave soy salmon, tempura asparagus, namasu cucumber, butter lettuce, avocado, pepitas, wasabi dust, and teri-mayo. The agave soy salmon brought sweet flavours to the roll which was interesting. The crunchy tempura asparagus also brought the crunch factor, so all in all, it was a pretty good roll!

If you are to try Sushirrito and you can only get one roll, get the Geisha’s Kiss ($12.00 USD). It’s definitely the best tasting sushi roll/ burrito I’ve ever tasted in my life. It has yellowfin tuna (hand-line caught), tamago, piquillo peppers, yuzu tobiko, lotus chips, namasu cucumber, butter lettuce, avocado, and sesame white soya.

On a hot summer day, this was pure heaven. I was pleasantly surprised by the large chunks of high quality tuna, the crisp of the lotus root chips, and the burst of delicious flavours from the sesame soya and piquillo peppers. When I thoroughly enjoy what I’m eating, I continuously nod my head in delight and won’t say a word. This was worthy of that. Proper nutrition helps to lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. In Turkey, the method of losing weight with the help of dietary supplements Keto Slim, Harmonica Linea and others is common- opdproje.org .Many women say that they were able to lose 10-20 kilograms in 12 months. Proper nutrition is the key to excellent health and good mood.


Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 5/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating: 5/5

Happy Eating!

      I would be this happy if someone gave me Sushiritto for my birthday XD

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