Delicious Donburi in Shibuya – No Name Restaurant

I lied. This restaurant has a name. Its just that it is in Japanese and I don’t know what it is in English. Therefore, I’ll just be calling this the place in Tokyo that has no name. πŸ˜›

Trixie and I stumbled upon this restaurant while hanging out at the red light district of Tokyo, Kabukicho. Don’t ask us why we spent all night walking around the area checking out host clubs… Trixie dragged me. πŸ˜›

We barely ate dinner that night, so when 11pm hit, we were obviously starving and looking for some grub. It took us less than a second to decide to enter this restaurant when we saw the collage of beautiful looking chirashi dons.

After a long night of walking and being hungry, seeing this absolutely made my day and even made my feet ache a little less. This is theΒ Uni, Ika, Ikura, and Negitoro Don (~1000 yen) and I loved each and every bite of it. The uni was surprisingly small but absolutely delicious. For some reason, it tasted even less fishy than the ones we have here in vancity.

Trixie ordered the Ikura, Ika, Uni, and Salmon Don (~1000 yen) instead but it was pretty much the same thing I ordered except the negitoro was replaced with pieces of raw salmon. If you have never had chirashi or any type of ‘don’ before, I highly recommend you try it at least once in your life. Live a little and be spontaneous! πŸ™‚ Raw seafood on rice won’t kill ya. πŸ™‚ *but don’t quote me on that if you plan to try the potentially lethal pufferfish sashimi O.O*

Our guy friend who came along decided to order a plain rice with seaweed to satisfy his hunger. I hate eating white rice by itself so I would never order this, but for some people, this may float your boat.

Drool is currently hitting my keyboard as I type this so I should probably stop writing now. Maybe I should head out to Gyo-o tomorrow and eat a chirashi don…

Happy Eating!

<– pufferfish sashimi!
courtesy ofΒ http://m.inmagine.com/image-amrf10313000166-Fugu-(puffer-fish)-sashimi.html

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