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Marcello Pizzeria and Restaurants – Gnocchi it Up!

To many people’s surprise, I don’t often eat on Commercial Drive. I know there are a bunch of amazing restaurants down the drive and it sounds crazy, but I live far so what can I do. 😛 Luckily, my coworkers gave me a reason to go because they decided on a dinner at Marcello Pizzeria.

 I didn’t try the Al Due Formaggi but it looked really delicious.

 The Pasticciati ($14.95) is a gnocchi that’s sauteed in a cream and meat sauce. It looked stunning and judging from the reaction on my coworker’s faces, they all loved it.

This is the Al Pomodoro Gnocchi ($14.95) with extra sauce. I was really close to getting this but I couldn’t stand the thought of having absolutely no protein! I need my meat!

What I ended up doing was I asked the server if I could get a tomato meat sauce (kind of like a bolognese sauce) since I knew they serve a cream and meat sauce. In the end, they let me, and it was sooooo good!!! The meat made a big difference and the gnocchi was just perfect. They were little pillows of fluff. Casinochan login

We all ended up getting a Mascarpone Cream ($9.50) because they were highly recommended and I would absolutely say the same. It’s fat in a glass but I didn’t care at all. Every single bite of that cream along with the soaked lady fingers were heaven. I would come back just for this dessert alone.

Overall, Marcello completely exceeded my expectations and I have to say it’s up there for authentic Italian cuisine in Vancouver!

Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$-$$$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

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             SO YUMMY!

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