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Enchant Christmas – World’s Largest Light Maze Worth a Visit

Guess what? Vancouver just got cooler. How you ask? Well, we finally have another new and unique attraction to go to during the holiday season in Vancouver!!

This first annual Enchant Christmas is the world’s largest light maze and is located on 1st and Crowe Street, right underneath the Cambie bridge. It’s made up of over 55,000 sq ft of illuminated sculptures arranged to create a magical maze and a romantic/or family fun filled evening. In addition to the light maze, they offer a Christmas Market promoting 40 local vendors, 12 food trucks, and a licensed eating area where guests can enjoy their favourite holiday drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)!

Enchant is completely outdoors so don’t forget to bring your thickest jacket, boots, toque, and mittens when visiting. Also, if you have a nicer SLR or DSLR camera, make sure you bring that too as every area inside Enchant is a backdrop for a whimsical photo. I almost DARE you not to take photos inside. 😛

Inside the light maze, you have the option of grabbing a stamp card to find all 9 reindeer sculptures that are ‘hidden’ throughout the 55,000 sq ft maze. We didn’t go for it because we forgot to bring mittens and our hands were frozen (we were here when it was -7 degrees outside, wahh), but I’d recommend it as it’s pretty fun to go find all the reindeer!

Beautiful sculptures throughout the maze.

I found Rudolph!!

They even have an area where they blow fake snow (it’s foam)!!

All in all, Enchant is not only a fun and romantic place to take your date, but a really magical and unique experience for the whole family. I would recommend any local or visitor of Vancouver to check it out before the last day on Dec 31st! It’s well worth the twenty dollars per ticket.

Happy Eating!

Christmas lights makes everyone go

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