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My Top 3 Favourite Food Delivery Apps – with Promo Codes too!

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, all of the restaurants in British Columbia and probably most of the restaurants in the country are relying heavily on takeout and delivery orders only. Dining in is no longer safe at restaurants and we’re advised not to do so. I totally agree. That’s why I’ve heavily leaned on food delivery apps these past few weeks to get me through the days I don’t want to cook (or wash dishes!).

I’ve used a lot of different food delivery apps but the below are my Top 3 (in no particular order):

1) UberEats

When UberEats launched, it quickly became one of my favourite food delivery apps because 1) delivery fee is usually only $0.99 (and recently they waived the delivery fee to support the community during the pandemic), 2) their app interface is incredibly easy to use and is the most user friendly, 3) the food arrives the quickest.

There are also always many variations of promotions going on, from BOGO (Buy One Get One Free), to “Spend $__, Save $__”. Also, as a new member, you can get $5 0ff on your first order of $15 or more which is great!

To get the $10 off, make sure to use my code “eats-kirstyi15ue“! 

2) Foodora

I like Foodora because they have a lot of deals. For the past two months, they’ve had a 50% off promotion on select menu items on over 200+ restaurants in Vancouver! I could easily get a filling meal for $10 (or less) per person after delivery fee, service fee, and taxes.

I also find that menu items are not inflated on Foodora and that they’re pretty close to what you’d regularly pay if you were dining in at the restaurant. I know other apps allow restaurants to increase their menu prices by up to 30% to cover for the fee of being on the specific food delivery app.

They also have Contactless Delivery which is in the “Delivery Details” near checkout. This will let the driver know to leave your food at the door instead of handing it to you in person! Let’s keep our distances people 🙂

The only one thing I’ll mention is that if you don’t live in the Vancouver core, it may take a little longer for the food to arrive. They’re still trying to recruit enough drivers outside of Vancouver so it’ll take a bit of time. If your order takes longer than normal, their customer service reps within the app chat are really good about giving you an Apology Voucher or refund.

Get $10 off on your first order by using my referral link:


3) Skip The Dishes

I’ve personally used their service more than 10 times and their app is easy to use. The food also comes quite quickly. Skip The Dishes also does Contactless Delivery and Cashless Payment during this time. A lot of their restaurants provide free delivery when you hit $20 which is pretty good considering their delivery fees are between $2.49-3.99.

They have a good selection of restaurants around my area and periodically they will also partner with local restaurants to offer a limited time deal. The picture below was when they partnered with Wendy’s to give a free small Frosty if you order Wendy’s on their app.

Get $5 off your first order of $15 or more:


Honorable Mention: Fantuan

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Kinda true..? Who agrees?

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I haven’t used Fantuan yet but it’s an incredibly popular Asian food delivery app. I just recently found out that they have an English version… If I had known, I would’ve used them so much sooner! Anyways, they have the largest selection of Asian restaurants and they also sometimes host crazy deals like 50% off every dish at a select restaurant, etc. So in the end if you use Fantuan, you’re paying way less than if you were to purposely go drive to the restaurant and grab takeout yourself.

To get $7 off on your first order, use Code L7W7K!


*Disclaimer: Using the promo codes within this article will also give me a little something as well, at no cost to you. 🙂 Thank you in advance for supporting me and I hope you get a good discount when trying these food apps!*

Happy Eating!

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