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Sudio Sweden Regent Headphones Review + 15% Discount Code!

Last year, I reviewed the Sudio Sweden‘s Vasa Bla wireless earphones and found them to be a solid choice for people wanting dynamic sound and sophisticated style. What attracted me the most to this brand was their use of beautiful colour combinations like white and rose gold, white and marble, black and pink….etc.

They recently came up with a brand new set of wireless on-ear headphones called Sudio Regent and they ever so kindly sent me one to review. In addition, they provided me with marble patterned headphone caps that can be interchanged for an extra look of sophistication.

These headphones boasts Bluetooth 4.1 technology, 24+ hours of continuous playtime, and a built-in microphone and 3 button remote.

In the box, you’ll find the headphones, an instruction sheet, a warranty card, an aux cord (which is great for when you don’t feel like connecting through Bluetooth), and a charging cord.

I absolutely love how sleek it looks and these headphones are definitely for flaunting on the bus, plane, street. 🙂 And while it’s more noise cancelling than the Vasa Bla earphones, it doesn’t completely drain all background noise so if you’re one of those people who really need it to be 100% noise cancelling, these might not be for you. However, if you’re a normal folk like me, these will do just find on your way to work or on a plane.

Look at these gorgeous headphone caps! Definitely in tune with the marble trend going on right now. 🙂

I have never owned a pair of Bluetooth headphones before so the luxury of not having a wire dangling all the time is a godsend. It’s just so freeing and you never have to worry about the wire accidentally getting caught on someones bag or anything. However if you do enjoy the simplicity of the aux cable, I like how it comes with one so you have the option.

To me, Sudio Sweden continues to make solid earphones and headphones that are on trend, beautiful to look at, and deliver exceptional sound quality. My only qualm is that if you get their products in white like I have, make sure to wipe them down often as dirt and makeup can linger and stain it with time.

Feel free to use my code “eatingwithkirby” for a 15% discount on your purchase!

Happy Listening!

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