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What’s New at Starbucks 2022 – Drink and Food Guide

Want to know what the new Starbucks drinks/food are coming up for 2022?

To help with your New Years Resolutions and January resets, they’ve created an array of food and beverages for 2022 that are customizable to meet every customer’s needs/tastes!

Pistachio Latte

Back for its second year, the Pistachio Latte features cozy flavours of sweet pistachio and rich brown butter paired with espresso and steamed milk, specially crafted to keep coffee lovers comforted in the new year.

The Pistachio Latte can be ordered hot or iced at stores in Canada for a limited time while supplies last! Pistachio lovers rejoice!

NEW Well Cold Pressed Juices

Starbucks welcomes Well’s Cold Pressed Juices to its line-up of ready to drink bottled juices for customers when they’re on the go. Proudly made in Canada, Well’s cold pressed juices are available to purchase at participating Starbucks stores in Canada in three flavours.

I’m personally loving the fact that they are now carrying cold pressed juice. Sometimes I just want some green juice to go with my breakfast sandwich or muffin! These are the three flavours that will be available: Be Well Cold Pressed Juice, Well OJ Cold Pressed Juice, and Well Greens Cold Pressed Juice.

Winter Provisions

Below are some of the food items that are available for 2022! You’ll see more meatless options for flexitarians/vegetarians that don’t compromise the taste and flavour.

Better Customization

With nine percent of Canadians lactose-free, five percent vegetarian, and sixteen percent adhering to a low carb/no carb diet, flexible ordering is a must for all customers. So with this in mind, Starbucks revamped their menu boards to show available customizations to make every drink, perfectly yours. Look for this update in your mobile order Starbucks app!

Happy Eating!

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