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Surf n Turf Recipe – Wagyu and King Crab from Shop Intercity

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I have a luxurious and 100%-satisfaction-guarantee Surf n Turf recipe idea for you! It’s the ultimate foodie and carnivore lover’s dream – wagyu ribeye steak, king crab legs, and organic sturgeon caviar. Oh man, I’m literally salivating as I type this out right now…

All the items were delivered to my home by Shop Intercity. Shop Intercity is brought to you by Intercity Packers Meat and Seafood. Striving to be a cut above for 50 years, Intercity Packers is the leading supplier of premium quality meat and seafood products across Canada. They source products in partnership with organizations supporting ranchers, growers, fishers, and they take great care and concern in making sure they perform with minimal environmental impact.

What I love about this company is that they have contact-free pick up options as well as next-day delivery options. It’s literally so easy to get premium, restaurant quality meat and seafood right to your door! ❤️

Tajima Wagyu Ribeye Steak

I chose three items from Shop Intercity and first was the Tajima Wagyu Ribeye Steak. It comes frozen in a pack of 2 and they’re about 14oz each. Tajima is the most famous of all Wagyu bloodlines and it is the same bloodline used in Kobe. All the cattle are hormone free, antibiotic free, and managed with strict quality assurance protocols. They’re minimum 500 days grain fed and it has a marble score of 4.9+. It’s also halal approved!

Seriously just look at that snowflake-like marbling on that steak. That is what sets wagyu apart from traditional steaks and is usually the tell tale sign that your wagyu steak is top notch.

King Crab Merus Sections

For the “surf” side of this Surf n Turf, I got the King Crab Golden Merus Sections. They come frozen and the case weighs about 2.5 pounds (approx 12-16 pcs). King Crab Golden Merus Sections are the most prized of the three commercially available king crab species because they are the largest and have the most decadent flavour. The merus sections are 2-4 inch pieces and contain the largest and meatiest part of the King Crab’s legs. It’s truly the crème de la crème and speaking from experience, every bite is TRULY heavenly ?.

Pro Tip: You can just thaw these king crab legs and eat them cold, but I like mine hot so I steamed them for about 6-7 minutes.

Northern Divine Organic Sturgeon Caviar

If you’re looking to elevate your Valentine’s Day dinner to the next level, I’d suggest adding Northern Divine Organic Sturgeon Caviar to your cart. It’s available in a 12g or 30g tin. Northern Divine caviar is a sustainable luxury produced from Fraser River White Surgeon on the Sunshine Coast of BC. It’s pure, refined, and created for palates that wish to embrace fresh sensations and delicate oceanic flavours.

For the Tajima Wagyu Ribeye Steak, make sure to thaw the steak 12-24 hours in advance in the fridge. Then 30 minutes before you plan to cook the steak, set it on the counter. Crack kosher salt and black pepper on both sides, and sear it on a hot skillet, about 3-5 minutes on each side for medium rare.

Because this steak is so incredibly marbled and flavourful already, you can also skip the salt and pepper and sear it completely naked of seasoning.

Then before you eat it, have a side of fresh wasabi, ponzu soy sauce, and maldon salt for dipping so you can enjoy each piece with different condiments. That is how most fine dining wagyu restaurants in Japan serve their prized wagyu steaks.

The King Crab Golden Merus Sections were no joke! Just look at the monstrosity!! It was so beautifully salty already so I just ate them as is (no butter). Each piece was a mouthful and my constant thought was that it’s so rare to be able to enjoy crab legs of this magnitude. I had to close my eyes and enjoy every moment of it.

I cannot stress enough how amazing this meal was. ❤️  If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion with your loved one but you want to stay-in, definitely think about ordering from Shop Intercity. Making this yourself is not only easy, but it’ll taste 100x better than what you can get (for the same price) at a regular steak restaurant.

If you can only splurge on one item of the three, I would recommend the Tajima Wagyu Ribeye Steak.

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For more FAQs, delivery area information, pick up information, you can check out this FAQ page.

I’m also giving away a $200 gift card to Shop Intercity so go enter now before it’s too late!

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Disclaimer: Thank you to Shop Intercity for sponsoring this blog post and for allowing me to create awesome content for you guys. All opinions are my own.

Happy Eating!

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exactly my face when I bit into that wagyu steak

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