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Mosaic Bar & Grille – Italian Chef Tasting Menu

From August 15th to September 12th, you can be transported to Italy via the carefully crafted Italian 5 Course Chef Tasting Menu ($45) at Mosaic Bar & Grille.

Curtis (Foodobyte) and I were lucky enough to sample this delicious tasting menu and boy did we have a bigger appreciation for Italian cuisine after this. Sous Chef Michael Chan took wonderful care of us that evening so I just want to say a big thank you for making our evening!

First up was the Panzanella Insalata which had bone marrow, heirloom tomatoes, prosicutto, and a ciabatta crumble.

The bone marrow was much better and more substantial than the one I had at Wildebeest although providing a few baguette slices to spread it on would have been nice. The tomato and proscuitto was a nice pairing and helped cut through the greasiness of the marrow. Sadly, I didn’t really touch the ciabatta crumble because it stuck onto my teeth like glue!

Now this, the richest yet most delicious course in the entire tasting menu is called Vialone Nano Truffle Risotto. It is essentially a truffle risotto with parmesan foam and dwarf peaches.

If this picture is not the epitome of food porn, I don’t know what is. The barely cooked runny yolk is meant to be popped and enjoyed along with the risotto…and enjoy I did. The golden lava coated every kernel of rice with its warm embrace and made the risotto that much more comforting.

The Hand Rolled Pasta is made in house and served along a cerignola olive broth.

I’m not a big fan of olives but the flavour was subtle so it was surprisingly quite enjoyable.

I was looking forward to this Branzino dish because of my (slightly odd) love of squid ink. Though it looked intensely dark, the squid ink flavour wasn’t completely there and lacked depth. The fish, on the other hand, was a complete winner with its crispy skin and flaky interior.

To end off the night, we were served a deconstructed version of a Tiramisu. My eyes brightened when I saw this because ‘deconstructed’ culinary dishes sound majorly fancy to the common folk like me. It contained fresh mascarpone cheese, disaronno soaked cherries, house made ladyfingers. Wonderfully executed, high quality ingredients.

All in all, this 5 course tasting menu is solid and is a wonderful birthday or anniversary dinner if you are looking to impress your significant other.

Happy Eating!

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