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5 Myths About Food Bloggers

As a food blogger for the past 11 years, I’ve heard of a LOT of myths related to what we do, how we do it, and what goes on behind-the-scenes. It’s a fascinating job for sure! I mean, we document food, eat food, and get paid for it. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect job in the world? Cause that does to me 😀

Here are 5 Myths About Food Bloggers:
1. They get all their food for free

I can’t speak for all food content creators, but while a lot of us do get invited to restaurants to dine in for free, it’s definitely not an every day occurrence. Prior to the pandemic, I used to go to ‘media tastings’ 3-5 times a week ( ? it’s a lot ). But now it’s come wayyy down to maybe 0-2 times a week.

The foodies that primarily do restaurant content will get invited A LOT so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re dining out 5 times a week attending media tastings.

2. Food bloggers eat out everyday

Some food bloggers do eat out almost every day (hands up if that’s you ?‍♂️) but most of us eat at home a lot ? It’s just we don’t take photos of the ‘regular boring meals’ that we cook at home ? If you love seeing more ‘down to earth’ and simple cooking from your favourite food bloggers, I encourage you to DM them and let them know! A lot of us cook at home but just feel like it’s too ‘boring’ to post.

3. Food bloggers eat what they want and never gain weight

Totally false ?‍♀️ Most of us work out REALLY HARD ? and REALLY OFTEN to counteract all the foods we eat ? it’s such a blessing and a curse to eat as much as we do ?

I exercise 3-4 times a week and I also am very aware of what I eat on my ‘off days’ ??(think smoothies, low carb, tons of veg/tofu). Just look at my “Day-in-the-life” IG reel below to see what a normal day of exercising and eating looks like!

4. My fav food bloggers know I like their content

False ?‍♀️ Posting is very much a one way street when there’s no engagement (so comment or like your fav food blogger’s content!) ?. I for one have wanted to give up a few times during my journey because I didn’t feel like anyone really watched or benefited from my content ?

5. I can’t trust their review if their food was free

?What I can tell you is, if a restaurant invited me for a media tasting and I didn’t enjoy some of the dishes, what I’ll do is post ONLY the dishes that I did enjoy (and name those as my top reccos for the restaurant), and I’ll personally DM the restaurant and give them my honest feedback on the other dishes. That will allow them to make changes and improvements ?

But trust me, I’ll never lie in a post and say something is good when it isn’t.

I’ve come to realize that there’s no reason to publicly shame restaurants and write negative reviews in the name of being ‘honest’ ?‍♀️ At the end of the day, I admit I do have some type of influence which means I CAN negatively affect their business and livelihood. And I am not okay with crushing someone’s blood, sweat, and tears ?


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