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I Cut Caffeine for 30 Days – Here’s What Happened

If you’ve been following along on my IG stories – you may know that I’ve been getting headaches a lot recently. ?? It comes up specifically on the days I don’t drink coffee, coupled with staring at a screen for a long time. ??? And yes, it did get worse after I started doing content creation full time as I’m constantly on my phone ?
I only drink 1 cup of coffee a day (in the morning), and sometimes I might have tea in the afternoon or matcha snacks/bubble tea/dessert. But I didn’t think that was a lot!! Regardless, I decided to quit caffeine COLD TURKEY ? to determine whether it was really caffeine that was causing these headaches.

⭐️ WEEK 1

The first week of me not drinking coffee, oh I felt the headaches ? I was so craving for a coffee in the morning but I resisted. My headaches were a lingering dull type and it lasted throughout the day. I had to take an Advil on one or two days because it was just getting so hard to work ?

 ⭐️ WEEK 2

It was hard to just sip hot water throughout the day instead of tea. But…All my headaches disappeared!! I was thrilled ? I also realized I fall asleep SOO much quicker now??

 ⭐️ WEEK 3

Even though I know there’s a teeny tiny % of caffeine in decaf coffee ☕️and teas ?, I decided to drink those instead so I don’t always have to sip water. It made me feel SOO much better about cutting caffeine, and honestly, the decaf versions were just as good IMO so I was fine! I still never got a headache ?

 ⭐️ WEEK 4

This entire month I never felt tired when off caffeine which means I don’t really need it to function optimally. ? I feel super good and realized that caffeine was only an accomplice to the headaches. I still felt an impending headache whenever I strained my eyes for too long, so now I know I REALLY need to take more breaks while on my phone. ?

After this month, I think I’ll stick to decaf and only have caffeine like matcha or coffee on special occasions ??‍♀️ Who knew going caffeine free can be so freeing? ?

⬇️ Would you ever go caffeine free for 30 days?? ⬇️


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