Birthday Freebies Woot Woot!! Dennys, Blenz, and Sephora

So I am very excited to write this post because yesterday was my birthday and I was determined to try something new this year! I’ve always heard about getting freebies at certain places during your birthday but I never actually tried doing it before….till yesterday! It wasn’t a total success but I was still very satisified nevertheless with my stash. Hehe

Our first destination was Denny’s because they advertise a “free birthday grand slam” on their website. I normally don’t go to Denny’s but since it’s free, oh yeah baby! I went with FW because we coincidentally have the same birth date πŸ™‚

We both ordered a drink just to be safe because we weren’t sure if a purchase was necessary. I ordered a Chocolate Milk ($3.29) and FW ordered the Groovy Mango.

Yayy!! Our grand slams! Everything was awesome except for the eggs. They tasted powdery and fake but oh well, they’re free so I shouldn’t complain. πŸ˜› By the way, remember to bring your ID or you can’t get it.

Breakfast for (almost) free! Great way to start off our birthday! πŸ˜€

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After a satisfying breakfast at Denny’s, I went to Richmond Center with Rae and headed over to Blenz Coffee! Only certain Blenz Coffee locations give out free birthday drinks though so make sure you check with them beforehand and don’t flip out if they don’t give one to you. πŸ˜›

Since the Richmond Center location do honor this promotion, Rae ordered the Hot Chai Latte (~$4.00) and I got the MatchaChillo ($0.00). I think that’s what it’s called… Rae had to ask them to remake it though because her first latte was not filled to the rim (far from it).

My MatchaChillo was really tasty! I was stupid and didn’t tell them a size so I think they just gave me the small or medium. Next year, I am so getting a large!!

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After Blenz, we went to Sephora where I got my free birthday gift! This isn’t food related but I thought I’d include this in case some people find this useful. πŸ˜› To get this gift, you do have to subscribe to Sephora’s newsletter so if your birthday is soon, be sure to sign up! 

As for my birthday dinner with my family, I wanted to go to Boston Pizza because I heard you can get a free pasta or dessert on your birthday. However, you need to be on their mailing list to get it and I didn’t signed up, so we couldn’t go. We instead decided on a westernized Chinese restaurant called “Bauhinia” to eat lobster (my post on it here)!

Hope you enjoyed my random birthday freebie post and happy eating as always!

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6 thoughts on “Birthday Freebies Woot Woot!! Dennys, Blenz, and Sephora

  • Happy Birthday Kirby! To add to your next year's bday freebies, you can sign up for newsletters to Vera's, Red Robin and Pajo's fish and chips.

  • Thanks Crispy Lechon! I'll be sure to sign up in time for next year's freebies! Muahaha πŸ˜€

  • Wow who would've thought planning a birthday celebration would take so much work. Gotta look up all the things to sign up for hahaha.

  • Hey more bday freebies to sign up for:

    Boston Pizza – free pasta.

    IHOP – free meal worth 9 dollars.

    Orange Julius – free drink.

    Note that you dont need to get these freebies on the day of your bday. You have a week or two to claim them.

  • Thanks for the tips crispy lechon! I think I'm going to go bananas next year with free stuff LOL

  • Anonymous

    you can also go to port moody and other locations at pajo's fish and chips and get a free lunch


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