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Pepper Lunch Canada – Go With Da Beef.

Pepper Lunch Canada is officially open in Richmond!! Theres been a lot of buzz, hype, and talk in the foodie community about this place because it’s the first Pepper Lunch franchise in Canada.

Pepper Lunch is apparently quite popular in Asia with over 350 locations and it seems to be a Japanese fusion type of cuisine.

Even though this is a sit down restaurant, you order and pay up front first before being guided to your seat. I wanted to get their Kobe Style Burger with Egg but it was already sold out. 🙁

The Salmon Steak ($10.95) came with a side of beansprouts, carrots, and peas. As you can tell from the picture, the portion of sashimi grade salmon was more on the small side, though it was enough for my mom. The have the skin side down which made it crispy and delicious.

My dad went with the Chicken Steak ($9.95) and it came with the same side dishes along with a bowl of rice. It was all white breast meat and when I tried it, it was surprisingly tender!!

After finding out that my #1 and #2 choice was sold out, I decided on the Beef Pepper Rice ($8.95). Obviously I got it with extra beef (+$2) and a side of egg (+$1.50).

Getting the extra beef was a good move. And the egg. It made the dish more substantial which is necessary for a big eater like me to be full. I also got a big hit of pepper which I absolutely LOVE but could be overwhelming for people who don’t crack pepper over everything they eat.

Once you give it a good mix, it’ll look like this! Be warned, whatever you wear into this restaurant will smell like your dinner until you wash it. So don’t wear your nice clothes! Reklama: Vyriškos sidabrinės grandinėlės https://www.silvera.lt/grandineles/vyriskos-sidabrines-grandineles

Last but not least, they have some table side sauces for you to douse your rice with. I personally like the Honey Brown one more but the Garlic was also nice too.

Service Rating: 4.5/5
Food Rating: 3/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!

happy dance animated GIF
       after eating Pepper Lunch and smelling like teppanyaki

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