Seattle: Crab Pot- Unique Experience, But Once Is Enough

During the summer, I went to Seattle a few times and I haven’t had the time (until now) to blog about all of the places I visited during each trip. On this one particular trip, I went to Seattle with Rae and FW. 
all photos in this post courtesy of Rae

After a quick tour around Pike Place Market, we headed over to the Crab Pot on Pier 57. I’ve read numerous blogs on this place and have even watched it on “Man vs. Food”, so going in I was expecting some epic meal time. However, FW had been there before and she told us that it wasn’t really as special as people make it out to be. After having been there, I agree.

When you walk along Pier 57, there will be a giant sign that says “The Crab Pot”. You can’t really miss it. 😛


We ordered two orders of The Westport ($25.95 per person) between the three of us because we weren’t that hungry after munching at Pike Place Market earlier. The Westport contains dungeness crab, snow crab, shrimp in the shell, steamed clams and mussels, andouille sausage, corn on the cob, and red potatoes in their jackets. Look! They give you bibs!

They also give you some average quality bread while you’re waiting. But why fill your tummy space with carbs when there are delicious seafood coming your way! I ordered a Corona ($4.50) while Rae ordered a speciality cocktail for $8.00. I forgot the name of her drink ><.


This is what two servings of The Westport looks like. Honestly, we all thought this amount was not worth $50. There were a lot of potatoes and corn which is basically just a ‘filler’. For $50, I think it would be really easy to do this at home (all you do is steam and season) AND get a lot more bang (in this case, seafood) for your buck. 
The Crab Pot gives you a great experience of wearing a bib, seeing people dump all the food on your table, and cracking open seafood with your wooden hammer. But once you’ve had the experience, there is no need to come back.
Based on these reasons:
  • quite expensive for the amount of seafood you get
  • provides a fun and unique experience to eat your food 😛
  • perfect as a one time thing
Service Rating: 2.5/5
Food Rating: 3/5
Price: $$-$$$$

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

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2 thoughts on “Seattle: Crab Pot- Unique Experience, But Once Is Enough

  • i've never been

    i should try at least once?!??

  • Yup! Try it once for the experience because it is quite interesting! But if you're on a budget, then you could potentially even skip it. It IS a bit overrated 😛


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