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Izumi-Ya Japanese Marketplace (Re-visit)- My Favourite One Stop Shop For Japanese Goodies

Since my last post on Izumi-Ya Japanese Marketplace (link here), I’ve revisited this place a billion more times whenever I’m short on time or want a quick lunch or dinner. So… here is my re-visit post! 

I always find their assortment of sushi and bento boxes very affordable and I like how everything is made fresh daily. Their Negitoro Temaki ($3.95) is pretty much a Negitoro maki roll before it’s cut. 

The minced tuna and chopped spring onion mixture (negitoro) always tastes fresh and you are also given seaweed to wrap the roll with right before consuming.

At Izumi-Ya, I realize they sell Cream Caramel cups from a Japanese dessert bakery called Cake-Ya. They come in a variety of flavours ranging from Original to Black Sesame.

Even though I wanted to get all of them, I resisted and just got three flavours to try. 😛 All of these were honestly so good, it’s a given that I’ll be back to try more!

 This is the Royal Milk Tea Cream Caramel ($2.50). The bottom of the cup has some sweet syrup which goes really well with the light pudding custard.

The Black Sesame Cream Caramel ($2.50) was my absolute favourite!! The black sesame flavour was prominent, but not overwhelming. It was the perfect amount. 

I ate these out of the cup on a dish. It looks so beautiful doesn’t it? 😀 I can’t wait to eat this again. The custard was so incredibly smooth and light….yum…

The Original Custard Cream Caramel ($2.35) was actually my least favourite. I think it’s because I ate this after the black sesame one so the flavours seemed more toned down and bland in comparison.

They also sell hot cooked food too! Their BBQ Salmon Cheek ($5.95) was grilled perfectly and they gave quite a few pieces per package too.

Their Yakiniku ($3.25) is essentially beef short ribs. I loved the marinade and the toasted sesames on top. 

The Salmon Roll ($3.45) is pretty standard. The quality of the salmon is always really good so I’ve never been let down.

On my last visit, I noticed something super cool! They have fried oysters as one of the Bento Box varieties!! Because I absolutely loveeeee oysters, I had to get this.

The Oyster Fry Bento ($6.95) contains five small fried oysters, spinach gomae, a mashed potato salad, white rice, and an assortment of vegetables and fishballs/ fish puffs. This bento box was incredibly filling and worth every penny! The fried oysters were small but really crunchy (due to the panko crust) and absolutely delicious!

I felt a little luxurious one day and decided to go with something more expensive from Izumi-Ya. It’s called Uni, Shimaaji, Snow Crab Combo ($6.95). Anddd.. that’s exactly what was in it! lol

The Uni was very soft and tasted a little fishy. I’m no expert on Uni but I liked it. 😛 The Shimaaji and Snow Crab was really good but not extraordinary. If they sold just an “Uni Combo”, I would totally get that instead!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Happy Eating!

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3 thoughts on “Izumi-Ya Japanese Marketplace (Re-visit)- My Favourite One Stop Shop For Japanese Goodies

  • It's unfortunate that I don't like pre-made and frozen sushi. I've heard lots of good comments about Fujiya and Izumiya sushi, but I didn't like either… That's too bad because they have way cheaper prices! (Unlike our uber expensive meal at Sushi Hachi haha)

  • Oh that IS too bad that you don't like pre-made sushi! Sushi hachi was way expensive for the amount we ate! Although I really did love the Saba pressed sushi…. Yummmm

  • I know! The saba was awesome… highlight of the night. You and Janice both haven't posted on that meal yet. Haha you're so behind!


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