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Thierry Patisserie- Pastries and Macarons Are Worth A Try

I have always been intrigued by Parisian Macarons and I feel like I still haven’t found a place in Vancouver that makes them well. So on the day that Yoshi, Rae, and I went on our food cart binge, we decided to finish off our gluttonous day with some macarons at Thierry!

 photo courtesy of Rae

Thierry is a little cafe located on Alberni next to Italian Kitchen and across from Coast. The signage doesn’t really stand out so we almost walked past it!

The inside is bright, modern, and quite cozy. There aren’t many tables though so I feel like it wouldn’t be a good place to study for long periods of time or something.

Their selection of cakes are sooo breath taking! If it tastes as good as it looks (anybody know?), then I am definitely coming here from now on to buy birthday cakes.

Their cool macaron rack cannot be missed. However, with colours so vibrant and saturated, it was hard not to think about how much food colouring goes into that. But since we were here only for the macaroons, that’s what we got!

Yoshi ordered a latte and he enjoyed it a lot.

The macarons were $1.75 each which is a pretty good deal considering the size of their macarons are slightly larger that average.

The Passion fruit Macaron was intensely orange (gotta put it out there) and it had a chocolate cream filling which I actually found weird because the flavours didn’t go well with each other.

The shell was crisp but the inside was dense. I feel like good macarons should be softer inside so this was a bit of a let down.

We also got the Apple Spice (left) and Pistachio (right) macaron. I really enjoyed the Apple Spice as it reminded me of hot apple cider. There was a little piece of apple inside the filling as well. Yay! The Pistachio was not my favourite but Yoshi and Rae liked it a lot. In fact, it was their favorite out of all the ones we tried. 

Overall, Thierry Patisserie has decent macarons but I wouldn’t say they are perfect. If I’m ever lucky enough to go to France, I will try out every single macaron I encounter so I can do a comparison! 😀

Service Rating: 3.5/5
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!

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4 thoughts on “Thierry Patisserie- Pastries and Macarons Are Worth A Try

  • Omg totally agree! I've been looking for good macarons, but still haven't found any. Urban tea is not bad, but sooooo expensive. Have you tried those? Wonder how it compares to Thierry?

  • Ooo I have never heard of Urban tea! I should try it sometime! I feel like it will be impossible to find the perfect macaron in Vancouver cause France is where it's at 😛 but oh wells, we can try!

  • Yea and despite not tasting very good/authentic, the prices of macarons are usually outrageous! Let me know when you've found a decent one 🙂


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