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Ebisu on Robson- BBQ Cuttlefish and Cajun Tuna Tacos!

Ebisu is normally not my go-to Japanese restaurant for tapas and drinks. I always found it a bit on the expensive side and sub-par compared to other establishments such as Guu, Hapa Izakaya, Nan Chuu, or Gyo-o.

On this occasion, my friend chose Ebisu
on Robson to celebrate her birthday.

When flipping through the menu, I noticed the “Crème Brulee
Cheesecake”. This instantly caught my eye because I absolutely adore crème brulee.
I did not order it this time around but maybe on my next visit I will.

Before our table ordered, Trixie asked for tea instead of
water. The waitress came back with a cup and teapot, and that was when we knew
it was not complimentary. We all found it weird because we thought tea would be
complimentary, just like how it is with the majority of other Japanese
restaurants in Vancouver. Also, the waitress never told her there would be a charge
for the tea.

First came the Chikuwa
Cheese ($4.80)
which is deep fried fish cake stuffed with mozzarella
cheese. It was very delicious and definitely satisfying. Personally, I would
have preferred more cheese inside the fish cake… or maybe even have mozzarella
sprinkled on top and melted under the broiler. Now that would be cheese-tastic!

The Chopped Scallop
Roll ($4.80)
was terrific! The scallops were so fresh, the
rice consistency was perfect, and the rice-to-filling ratio was good. I didn’t expect it to be amazing, but it was!

I honestly didn’t think I would like the Cajun Tuna Tacos ($7.80) but again,
Ebisu surprised me because they were crazy delicious! Everyone who tried these
thought so as well. 

The tuna was seared really well, and the cooling mayo on
top went perfectly with the Cajun spices. I would definitely recommend this appetizer.

We ordered the Kamei
Katsu Don ($9.95)
for some carbs and it was pretty good. This didn’t stand
out among our dishes, but it was definitely not bad.

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is a showstopper. We thought
we were just getting regular
Cuttlefish ($7.95)
on a plate, but nooo, this came with a cool wooden
block/grill and a flame for us to grill the squid! Pretty neat, eh?

The cuttlefish is not seasoned so you rely on the two side
dips for extra flavour if needed. One is chilli powdered Japanese mayo and the
other is a regular spicy sauce.

The cuttlefish came fully cooked already so you could technically eat it as is, but who wants to do that when you’ve got this awesome little

I love grilling so I hogged it. 😛 Good thing no one wanted
to ‘do the work’ so I didn’t have to share the fun. 😀

Last but not least, we ordered the Toro Inferno ($10.99). Bad choice. Yes, it was cool seeing the
waitress torch the Tuna belly in front of us, but I could have done without if
I knew how it tasted.

It came with 8 pieces of Toro that is box pressed with
shiso, sesame, and sushi rice.

The Toro was incredibly bland and paper thin! Nobody liked
it and all of us were disappointed with this dish. It was sad to end off our
meal like this when every dish before it was great.

The birthday girl ordered this drink. I forgot what this was
called (something Hello Kitty I think?) but it was fruity and delicious!

After this experience, I won’t write off Ebisu just yet. They do have a few items here that I’d like to get again and were absolutely spectacular. At the same time, there were some items I wish I never tried. Just stay clear of the mediocre items and you should be fine.

Based on these reasons:
  • convenient location (right on Robson)
  • very modern and hip atmosphere
  • Must get items include: BBQ Cuttlefish and Cajun Tuna Tacos!!
Service Rating: 2.5/5
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $$-$$$

Overall Rating: 3/5

Happy Eating!

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2 thoughts on “Ebisu on Robson- BBQ Cuttlefish and Cajun Tuna Tacos!

  • The BBQ Cuttlefish looks pretty good. LOL, I'd definitely try this when I go there again. I guess it's always fun to pay to cook your own food. xD

  • Haha, I feel like only Asians like to pay to cook our own food (ex. Hot pot) 😛 But I honestly love it!


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