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The One Cafe- One Of The Better HK Style Cafes

The One cafe is located next to Richmond Center and I heard
the owners used to own a very popular stall at Parker Place. Their menu is
quite similar to all of the other HK Style Cafes in Richmond but I find the
execution of their food is better than others.

Their Satay Beef with
is available for breakfast and it comes with a drink. My expectation
for this was very low so I was pleasantly surprised by the deep flavour of the

The beef slices were tender and the vegetables were crisp
yet soft.

Their Milk Tea was standard.

My mom ordered their Club
House Sandwich
and it was great!! The double-decker sandwich contains egg,
cheese, bacon, tomato, mayo, and lettuce.

I’ve had quite a few club house sandwiches from other HK Style
Cafes but this one takes the prize.

I am so sorry but I forgot what this is called. It was
something like jumbo prawn and something sauce on spaghetti. I wish I
remembered because this was really good and relatively inexpensive for the amount
of large plump prawns I got.

The delicious sauce was a mixture of tomato and gravy and in
addition to the prawns, there were green peppers, onion, mushroom, tomatoes.
This dish comes with steamed corn on the side as well.

They were very generous with their prawns because I had
about ten in my dish. I highly recommend this for lunch!

On another occasion, my family and I came here to try out
their “
Lobster Special”.
Unfortunately, their lobster special menu is only in Chinese so people who can’t
read Chinese may miss it. We ordered the
one for our family of four. This
includes a lobster and two entrees
. At first we weren’t sure if it would be
enough food for the four of us, but you will see later on that it was WAY more
than enough.

We each were given a bowl of clear broth to start. It was
very good and had much less MSG than the one I had at Phenom Penh (

We added noodles to the lobster dish for an additional
$5.00. Bad choice. The noodles were soggy, soft, and mushy. The lobster on the
other hand was great so if you were to get this, just order the lobster as is.

We chose Three Kinds
of Mushrooms with Egg Tofu and Broccoli
for one of our entrees and it was
very yummy. I love mushrooms and fried egg tofu so this was the perfect dish
for me.

This was Pork Neck
with Cabbage
or something like that and unfortunately this was a fail. It
was oily and just didn’t taste right. We packed most of this to go but
I don’t think we even ended up eating any of it. Overall, for a whole lobster and two entrees, it only came up to $12/person so it’s very affordable!

The One Cafe is a pretty good HK Style Cafe compared to their competitors such as Flo Tea Room, Alleluia, Kingspark, and Lido but their dishes sometimes are a hit or miss. If you know what to order, you’ll definitely enjoy eating here.

Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 3/5
Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 3/5

Happy Eating!

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5 thoughts on “The One Cafe- One Of The Better HK Style Cafes

  • Joseph Y.

    Its my favorite place for the breakfast noodle soup – pork with preserved veggies. Its cheap and good. Same as your satay beef noodle but at breakfast its only 4 dollars and it also comes with a hot drink. So for 5 bucks all in, you get a good hot breakfast noodle soup.

  • I totally agree. For 5 bucks, where else can you such a filling breakfast AND a free drink?

  • Whoa weird! I came here when I first started my blog and it was so horrible. The milk tea was really bad and the food looked disgusting too. Your dishes look a lot better. The clubhouse actually looks pretty appealing.

  • I definitely think they improved since they opened so maybe try them again sometime! 😛


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