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HML Seafood Restaurant- Inexpensive Dim Sum and No Tea Charge

HML Seafood Restaurant is located on No.3 Road and Westminster
in Richmond. It is on the second floor and the main entrance is through a
parking lot.

It’s a fairly large and spacious restaurant so I have never had to
wait more than 30 seconds for a table. If you don’t like line-ups when it comes
to dim sum restaurants, this place is for you.

My family enjoys this restaurant because it’s pretty cheap
and the dim sum is good. You get 20% off all dim sum items as well as free tea
(other dim sum places normally charge you $1 per person for tea) everyday.

We were seated near the window and this is the view from our
table. Not very pretty, but hey it gave me great sunlight to take pictures
with. 😛

First came the Country
Fried Vermicelli ($6.80)
. There were barely any toppings and lacked flavour
of any kind. I would not get this ever again.

The Rice Roll with
Dried Shrimp ($4.95)
was amazing. It is a very simple dish, probably the
most simple rice roll dish on the menu, but it was executed wonderfully.

There were good amounts of green onion and dried shrimp, and
the rice roll tasted freshly made. I especially love it with soy sauce and XO

Oh speaking of XO
, I asked a waiter if there was a charge for XO sauce and he said yes.
He said it was $3.50 (in which I thought, holy smokes are you kidding?!) so I
just said no thank you. Three minutes later and out of the blue, he came by our
table with a side of XO sauce and said it was on the house! I still have no
clue why he gave it to us for free but nevertheless I was so happy. 😀 Thanks

This is the Pork
Dumpling with Vegetables ($3.95).
It comes in threes and it tasted alright.
However, it was nowhere near as bad as the shrimp dumpling I had at Victoria Chinese
Restaurant (
post here).

I quite liked the Steamed
Turnip Cake ($3.95).
This is a healthier version of ‘XO stir fried Turnip
cake’ that we usually see in other dim sum restaurants.
  Just add some XO sauce to this steamed
version and voila! Just as good.

Baked BBQ Pork Buns ($3.95)
is one of my favourite dim sum dishes and it is SO frickin delicious if it is done
right (see
Vivacity post for deliciousness). This one unfortunately was a big fail.

The measly BBQ pork filling was bad and lacklustre to say
the least, the bun was too thin and not pillowy, and the Mexican sweet
crust was wayyy too sweet.

If you know me, you know that I love my tendons. Haha. This Beef Tendon ($4.25) was delicious and flavourful. 

I didn’t try the Steamed
Beef Balls ($3.95)
because I was never a fan of the vinegary sour taste. My
dad seemed to enjoy this though.

Total damage. Notice the tea was free and they gave us 20%
off on the bottom. This restaurant is pretty good if you are looking for cheap
dim sum at a non-sketchy or dirty place.

Based on these reasons:
  •  inexpensive and pretty good quality dim sum
  • free parking in the parking lot
  • service isn’t that great
Service Rating: 2.5/5
Food Rating: 3/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3/5

Happy Eating!

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8 thoughts on “HML Seafood Restaurant- Inexpensive Dim Sum and No Tea Charge

  • I know why they gave you free XO sauce. They saw you taking pictures and assumed (correctly) that either you were a blogger or you were going to post pictures on facebook 😛

  • LOL, you may be right. I was hoping he gave it to me for free because he thought I was pretty or something hahahaha! Jokes 😀

  • That Country Fried Vermicelli does look pretty barren. It looks a lot like a bad day's spaghetti.

  • It's very practical to go to this restaurant because of the cheap but very delicious foods. I think we could offer this to our Long Island weddings clients for food tasting because they'll surely save some bucks.

  • @Erica White: Absolutely, if people want dim sum at their weddings, I think this place might be an affordable option.

    @Maia Dobson: I agree! It's cheap, delicious, and gets the job done of satisfying my belly.


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