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Top 5 Reasons Why I Choose Fresh Prep

Hey guys! Over the past few years, meal kit delivery companies have been popping up all over the place and it’s truly almost like the newest ‘fad’. Specifically in Vancouver, Canada, there is a company called Fresh Prep that I’ve been using for the past 3 years (on and off). My first review was from 2015, and my second review was just earlier this year. If you read my first review from 2015, you can tell they have drastically improved their recipe cards and packaging as the company grew and evolved. Three years later, I am still using their service and there are distinctively five reasons why I choose their service over their competitors.

1. It’s Local

Fresh Prep is a local company and all of their meal kits are made with love in Vancouver. I always believe that local produce tastes better than national or international produce. Therefore knowing that the some/most of the veggies in my kit are grown right here on BC soil makes me not only feel better about the dinner that I’m eating since I am supporting local farmers, but I feel like the flavours of the food is better and more vibrant!

2. They partner with local suppliers and businesses

Recently, they’ve been collaborating with local companies, suppliers, and influencers like Wize Monkey, Food Gays, Sunrise Tofu, and Portofino Bakery to design recipes that incorporate local ingredients and innovative culinary techniques.

For example, this Poached Cod in Tea Broth and Soba Noodles required me to soak the Wize Monkey coffee leaf tea bag in the broth for 10-15 minutes to infuse the tea flavour. I have never in my life infused tea into my entree so I was very intrigued with the concept. In the end, I thought the flavours were absolutely delicious!!

3. They pre-chop most of the ingredients

Aside from ingredients that will wilt immediately after chopping (like these mushrooms), Fresh Prep will usually pre-chop most if not all of your ingredients beforehand. This little detail play the largest part in my decision to continue with Fresh Prep and choosing them above my competitors. Honestly, if I’m already using a meal kit delivery service to cook myself a home cooked meal, I want it to be as quick and painless as possible. Therefore I love how I don’t have to wash or cut up ingredients for 15-20 minutes prior to cooking!

4. Receiving the kits are a breeze thanks to their automated messages and delivery tracker

I’m not sure when they introduced this system but their automated messaging system is a god send. I live in and apartment so I need to buzz the delivery person in through the intercom. And since I’m at work all day, I rely on notifications like this to tell me when the delivery driver is on their way. When they’re getting close, I can even track the driver and see their exact GPS location which is ah-mazing.

5. Their menu has been steadily improving

I’m not going to lie, there WAS a period of time when I felt uninspired by the recipes I saw on Fresh Prep. I paused my subscription and just looked at their menu briefly every week to see if anything peaked my interest. I could tell with time that their menu was steadily improving and they were adding more cultural and innovative dishes to their menus. A few weeks ago, I created their Chicken Fricassee (with parsnips, pearl onions) and Freshly Baked Rosemary Biscuits which I thought that was the bomb diggity.

I have never made biscuits at home before so getting to bake these myself and eating them right out of the oven was absolutely amazing.

They also had a recipe called Creamy Mushroom Linguine that uses porcini mushroom powder. I thought that was extremely interesting since it is not something I would normally ever have access to, let alone know how to use it in my cooking.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that I’m kind of obsessed with their meal kits. I love feeling like a Masterchef at home and whipping up these amazing entrees for my loved ones. If you are into cooking and like to experiment with different techniques and cultural dishes, I would recommend Fresh Prep for you. The cost per dish is similar to what you would pay grabbing takeout from a neighbourhood place so this isn’t for you if you’re looking for super budget friendly meals that cost less than $5. In my opinion though, it’s worth the investment.

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Disclosure: While this post is sponsored by Fresh Prep, all opinions are my own and Fresh Prep did not review this before publishing. Having this post sponsored helps me create better content/photos and allows me to keep this blog running. 

Happy Eating!

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when I finish making my Fresh Prep dinner

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