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Masaladobo – Delicious Dairy Free & Almost Entire Gluten Free Menu

For those of you who frequent Cannibal Cafe in downtown, you might have noticed its gone and a new Indian Mexican restaurant called Masaloadobo has taken its place. I came here with a few other foodies one day for an event and we checked out this new restaurant.

Say goodbye to massive burgers and say hello to roti tacos!

The one thing that really interested me when I heard about this place was their margaritas on tap! I don’t actually think I know a single restaurant that has that!

Their dishes are derived from both Indian and Mexican cuisine. Most of their menu is gluten free and it is 100% dairy free. I tried some of their Masaladobo Chowder (vegan) and it was absolutely delicious. With how creamy the soup was, I was surprised at the lack of dairy.

Tacones is their roti taco handroll hybrid. It has shredded red cabbage, masaladobo (spicy sweet indo salsa), raita verde, and their plancha tortilla/corn tostada (gf). You can choose from a variety of unique proteins like tikka roasted chicken, ginger duck kebabs, seared albacore shrimp kebabs, tikka roasted cod… to name a few.

Their Margarita on Tap ($5/happy hour price). 😀 I really liked how refreshing yet strong the mix was, and the coarse salt rim is always nice to give it some balance.

If I took anything away from this event, it was this: Always chase Tequila with Verdita!!! Verdita is a cilantro based pineapple drink that you can whip up very easily in a Magic Bullet (recipe here) and it gets rid of the tequila taste SO quickly and fast that it’s DANGEROUS. 😀 My mind, was BLOWN.

Round two of the Margaritas.

If you’re in the mood for something not alcoholic, their unique Indian Cola is refreshing and unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

I didn’t get a chance to try the Blackened Tuna Tikka Taki but it looked perfectly seared. This item is on their 2-for-1 promotion from 2pm- closing!

Their Masaladobo bowl is definitely a unique dish you can’t get anywhere else. It contains ginger duck kebabs, gold basamati rice, sofrito-coconut gravy, fresh veggies, pickles, and masaladobo sauce. Just for the succulent duck kebabs I would get this dish for lunch.

As I mentioned earlier, if we were at any other Mexican restaurant, we’d be eating tacos. But at Masaladobo, we ate Tacones which is a unique cross between roti, taco, and sushi cone? Haha. Inside the tacone, you can get almost any protein you want. My personal recommendation? Get either the Ginger Duck Kebabs or the Albacore & Shrimp Kebabs. Trust me, they’re THE BOMB DIGGITY.

Overall, Masaladobo caters to the professional grab-n-go lunch crowd as well as the happy hour peeps who want cheap margaritas on tap. And while it can easily be overlooked as just that, what most people will be surprised about when they try this place out is that their food is actually friggin’ FANTASTIC. If you don’t work around the area, they’re also a participating restaurant on Foodora so you can get it delivered!

Service Rating: N/A (media event)

Food Rating: 4/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 4/5


Happy Eating!

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