Sale&Pepe (Seoul, Korea)- Nothing Beats Listening to Live Music On An Outdoor Patio

Near the ‘Hyehwa’ subway station, there is a university and
theatre district that is always bustling with people from morning to night. The hostel that I stayed in for a few days was in this district so I got to know
this area really well.

There is a live music bar called ‘Sale&Pepe’ which is located on the 2nd floor just aboveGS25. 
The stage is located outside and the patio
also opens up when it’s not raining. 
I came here with a few friends and we thoroughly enjoyed the
live music and long chats.

After much deliberation, my friend, Philo, ordered the
hamburg steak with Mexican rice.

I have no idea what cuisine this comes from as it’s not
really Mexican, nor is it Japanese. 
Nevertheless, it didn’t taste bad and she
quite liked it. We were also served some pickled cucumbers and radishes.

They have performances ever hour and we sat through three!
You can tell how long we stayed… =.= Anyways, the girl here who was singing
was awesome and sang one of my favourite songs, ‘Love Song’ by Sara Bareilles.
Attempting to be adventurous, I ordered the Cheese Ddukbokki in Bread Bowl with no
care whatsoever about the calories that I was about to consume. 😛 Ddukbokki is a traditional Korean snack food consisting of rice cake served with red pepper paste sauce. However, since this was cheese ddukbokki, the red pepper paste sauce was substituted by cheesy cream sauce.
This dish was so. heavy. It was essentially all cream,
cheese, rice cakes, and a few vegetables and ham slices.
I was full and sweating cream by the time I reached a quarter
of the dish. I should not have ordered something that was probably meant to be
shared by four people.
My other friend Polly ordered the Clam Spaghetti in Oil Sauce and she really enjoyed it. It was light
and definitely a complete contrast to my creamy dish.
Overall, I would highly suggest this restaurant even though the food was nothing special because you get to relax and listen to live music and soak in the lovely, romantic outdoor environment. 🙂
Happy Eating!

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