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Kintaro Ramen- Cheese All The Way

If you live in Vancouver, you most likely have tried ramen before. It’s pretty hard not to with the abundance of ramen restaurants all over Greater Vancouver. Out of alllllll these restaurants, I have chosen my favourite, and it was a pretty easy decision.
Kintaro is located on Denman street (they used to have another location in Richmond but it closed down.. 🙁 Boo!) and you can see a lineup outside the door almost every time you walk pass it.
The menu is pretty simple with only less than 10 varieties of ramen. My personal favourite is the cheese ramen because it combines two of my favourite foods, melted cheese, and noodles in soup!
The Cheese Ramen ($9.95) comes with light pork soup base and your choice of fatty or lean pork (always get the fatty one! It’s wayyy better). It also has bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, green onions, corn, and two types of cheese.

The cheese… oh the cheese. I love how they give you a giant handful of shredded mozzerella along with a thick slice of another type of cheese. When it melts into your noodles, the combination is heaven.
Action shot! Sorta.
Meta Knight’s favourite ramen is the Miso Ramen ($8.95) and it is “flavoured with a blend of soy bean pastes from four different Japanese regions and twelve spices”. He gets this pretty much every time so I’m thinkin’ it’s pretty good.

I love sitting at the counter because I can see the chefs in action!

Based on these reasons:
  • ramen is consistently delicious every time
  • the long lineups every day speaks for itself
  • quantity and quality for an affordable price
Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Happy Eating!

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One thought on “Kintaro Ramen- Cheese All The Way

  • Yay! U wrote a post about Kintaro! 😀 The cheese ramen was soooo delicious and I really wish there was a Kintaro branch here in Amsterdam :'(. You would find me there every week hehe! *keeps dreaming*. But I am glad u took me to ur favourite ramen spot.


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